The Rules Of Men's Jewelry

It could also be well horizontal, though Mr. Bryan recommended that daring guys could try the downward-tilted "rakish angle" that flourished inside the 1930s. Hogan Gidley, a Republican consultant based in Columbia, S.C., and Washington, D.C., wears a sterling-silver tie clip from Tiffany's that's engraved with his initials. "I may be an outlier in the party for wearing a tie clip, yet I have seen more Republican pundits on TV starting to dabble inside [them]," he mentioned. Known inside political circles to be a dapper dresser, Mr. Gidley also sports a signet ring; it's engraved with a family crest which, he mentioned, dates back hundreds of years. Signet rings are more common in the South, he noted, and may equally bear the crest or seal of the wearer's alma mater. The signet ring is an age-old emblem of aristocratic belonging, yet designer brands are reworking the appearance, if not additionally the underlying content, into fashion accessories. See: Eddie Borgo (inlaid rubber), Bottega Veneta (a crosshatch motif which mimics the brand's signature woven leather) and Ms. Pean (fossilized walrus ivory). For the authentic adaptation including any supplementary images or video, see