The Right Pair Of Shoes For Any Occasion

Almost every person knows how a wrongly chosen footwear can spoil the mood. And it's not just about beauty and style, but also about the health of our feet. The wrong size or shape of even the most beautiful pair will lead to the fact that they will lie in the closet, or even be thrown out. Choosing quality footwear is a responsible and very time-consuming process. Many people spend a lot of time looking for the ideal pair of footwear that can work for you way more than one season.

High Heel Models

Choosing shoes with high heels, first of all, you need to focus on amenity because glorious models are much more on the market than comfortable. In no case you should not buy shoes with a smooth sole: they are suitable only for a photo shooting.

Also, you need to check the seams that hold details of a particular model; they should be smooth with stitches 2-3 mm long. If the stitch is smaller, such models can tear very quickly. High-quality pair with a high heel have a hollow heel, so their weight is quite small.


The longest boots are made of genuine leather, as this material is the most persistent to temperature changes. What to pay attention to when choosing such models? Twine on boots should be very close to a toe, and a lightning needs to be closed with help of the flap, which serves as a keeping heat guarantor. A great detector of the quality of cowboy boots are the seams: uninterrupted, direct, without wrinkles. You should choose boots with a ribbed sole thickness no less than 1 cm.

Do not forget to check the strength of the arch supports - put the boot on a flat surface and press on the rise. If the heel pulls back, then the arch supports is bad. Such boots like Clarks outdoor shoes have a perfect quality for any cold weather (rain, sleet, wetland).



No matter for what purposes you choose sneakers, they should have a 100% brand high-quality. Air spring shoes and soft foam shoes are the most popular models for the springtime.

To verify the sneakers for strength, bend the sole first along, and then across, look on the bend: it should be slightly skewed to the fingers, but not in the center.

It is also important to check whether the stitch is flowing on all junctures, how good glue is attached, whether there are a competitive smell and a sticker with info about the brand. And there are many more questions to consider. You can be sure of worldwide brands quality like for example; Nike Sanuk shoes can be very comfortable and practical in warm weather. Wide width walking shoes made specifically to ensure that the foot does not get tired with constant movement. Therefore, if you often move at work, it is best to give preference to such models.

For a certain sport, you need specialized footwear. You should understand that you cannot run in climbing shoes, and if purchase footwear for running, you cannot do boxing or play in a big tennis. If you are cycling professionally, it is better to buy good Vibram bike shoes. For the morning runs will suit quality sneakers with a comfortable grooved sole.