The Reason Why Spiders Are Going To Rule The World

So I went on this trip that I earned on this video game show, and they told me I was going to a well-known theme woodland in some wonderful city filled with all kinds of nightlife, but I ended up at this truly tiny area in the middle of the wilderness.
We ended up in this city in the middle of the wasteland that didn't have any cable TV and they only had one cafe that had been closed down ever since it was flooded by mice and kangaroos.
Anyhow, these robots that ran the show had some kind of clairvoyant ability to read minds, and no matter where I walked in the place, they were following me around and giving me baggage of snacks.
Plenty of times we would go on this ride, and there was a whole cart full of folks when we started, but when we finished I was the only one left, and this was happening quite a lot.
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I think what was probably happening was that they were snatching up folks and retailing their bodies on the underground community, or maybe simply using them in government or alien experiments.
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