The Porsche Boxster Is Without A Doubt Not A Family Automobile

First released in 1996, the Porsche Boxster is reputed to be among the best roadsters worldwide when you consider its road handling capabilities. The Boxster has kept its status as a fast vehicle with a maximum of power while undergoing very few interior or horsepower changes since its introduction. Porsche has a tendency to hold on to a car's look for quite a few years when the particular model is a big hit.

A second-generation Boxster using even more power was launched in 2005 but remained in line with Porsche's typical design structure. It looks like a Porsche Spyder but contains two seats with a mid-engine and six cylinders as its earlier version did. Using the new Boxster, you still find that more than 50% of the makeup and electronics are taken from the 911 Carrera. The 2005 features considerably more power than the 2004 version due to alterations of the torque and increased horsepower. The 2005 Boxster S had been almost equal to the expensive Porsche 911 Carrera in acceleration and top-speed capabilities.

The Boxster's hallmark trombone sound that occurs with its exhaust is not like that of any other vehicle. It is really an astounding fact as the engine is a miniature version of the Carrera's six-cylinder. Adding a six-speed transmission is discretionary as the Boxster typically comes with a five-speed manual transmission. It may also be equipped with the Porsche-designed automatic transmission, the five-speed Tiptronic, which is superb. It is the result of an upcoming trend in which the driver will be able to manually shift an automatic vehicle. Although the Boxster is a top quality vehicle inside and out, it is certainly not a luxurious car.

Originally, critics accused the car of resembling a budget car, but the interior now has a more upscale look. Featuring an updated gearshift and imitation titanium paneling, the center console is significantly improved. The car seats in the more recent model are nicer with additional support and an optimal body shape. The Boxster has a little trunk in the rear of the car, and another, larger one under the front hood, so carrying luggage is not a problem. The electric convertible top which can easily open and close at speeds up to 30 mph is one of the more enjoyable features of the Boxster. The roof will often tolerate any type of weather and is made of noiseless cloth tops, while the back window boasts heated glass.

The six-cylinder engine that rests behind the seats in front of the rear axle, gives the Boxster the name of a mid-engine car. You simply won't find the engine underneath the hood because it is not really there. If you want to see the engine, you'll have to look from underneath. about having the engine near the car's center is better weight distribution. This supplies the Porsche Boxster its fame for top-notch handling.