The outcome

well i went to that thing and the woman said i need to be put into a clinic to be re-fed. she wanted to get me in there and then but couldnt. They are having meetings this week and i should hear from them this evening or tomorrow sometime. I think its just a lot of doctors getting together and talkin about if i really need to go or if its best that im treated as an outpatient. Im not really sure whats goin to happen, apparently there is only 6 beds in kent so i may have to go to london. i dont wanna go away but its probably the only way that ill get any better.
So i packed a bag and am like a pregnant woman waiting for her waters to break. im really not liking this not knowing lark. Hopefully ill go monday next week so i get another weekend, she said i may be in 2 weeks but i may be in 2months, i hope i dont miss my birthday.
Oh well shit happens i suppose



Let me know if your coming to London cus you might be coming here! :) Anyway, good luck....