The original System was basically a Microsoft windows PC

Enter the System 360 system.Microsoft renewed the System from the ground up.From the name to the look to components boasting, the System 360 system is a drastically different and stronger device than its forerunner.Far more than videos system, the System 360 system is a total press center that allows users to play, network, rip, flow and download all kinds of press, such as highdefinition movies, music, digital images and game content.In this article, we will learn about the components boasting that create the System 360 system a revolution into the next-gen of game enjoying systems.The System 360 system, like all video game enjoying systems, is just a pc with application and components devoted to the function of running video game.The original System was basically a Microsoft windows PC with a customized Pentium III processer, some relatively highly effective design and audio components and a customized edition of the Microsof company os Microsoft windows 2000, all packed in that unique dark box.The System 360 system is also a specially packed pc, but once you look inside, you realize that this console has quite a bit under the hood:Custom IBM Power PCbased CPU with three 3.2 GHz coresCustom ATI design processer with 10 MB included DRAM512 MB 700 MHz GDDR3 RAMDetachable and can be upgraded hard drive all models except the Primary system12x duallayer DVDROMSupport for up to four wireless game controllersThree USB 2.0 portsTwo memory unit slotsAs you can see, Microsof company plans the System 360 system to be a serious game device.

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