The Organic Cure

So I went to see this physician the other day, not because I was sickly or anything, but because he was new in town and was trying to drum up some new business by offering a free physical exam.
So I walk in, expecting to be given a huge stack of paperwork, and all of a sudden this guy walks in and starts conversing to me in this really peculiar terminology, I think it was trance, that made me feel amazingly peaceful.
As I drifted down deeper and deeper into a state of remarkable trance, these strange creatures sailed in and did some kind of surgical procedure on me, and treated me of all of ills, and even gave me a complimentary mental performance transplant.
And when I woke up, I had completely ended all my medicinal problems, including that dastardly bout of constipation I'd had for quite a long time, in fact, I became fairly regular.
Now, I'm not sure what kind of awesome cures this doctor was using, but they were quite outstanding, and I'm quite happy I went there.
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I just need to find out precisely how to stop walking around and speaking like a chicken breast.
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They Were Satisfied With My Scary Gear
I was sitting around in my new condominium the other day, wondering where I was going to put my TV when my extremely pretty next door neighbor came bumping, and asked me if I wanted to come over to her uniform social gathering.
It wasn't anywhere near The Halloween season or any other pagan holidays where individuals to crazy things like witchcraft, so I figured it was just some kind of local get together.
When I showed up at the occasion, I was immediately shocked beyond recognition, since I was sort of planning on some kind of half thrown together outfits, but people were wearing these magnificent creations that had seemingly come straight from the sixteenth century.
I had only nabbed a bright sheet, and threw it over my head and pretended that I was some kind of ghost, but for some reason they thought this was the best idea they'd ever seen.
However, spirits don't wear sheets. They just show up donning whatever clothes they were wearing when they were slain, like the ones in my new condominium, so I don't know why they thought my costume was all that.
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They just show up wearing whatever clothes they were wearing when they died, which makes perfect sense, even though some of their clothing have bullet holes.
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Get Rid Of Adverse People
If you are like most folks, you would love to grow to be more popular, and when you do, you will suddenly recognize that you are bringing in the wrong kind of folks, which means that you will be more profitable than you think.
Once you comprehend how easy it is, you will soon be disappearing these emotional and mental ghouls like they never existed before, and when you recognize that life is meant to be lived and have all kinds of cool things.
One thing that can definitely help is if you start to basically ask them to defend their position, as if you are only mildly fascinated in them, and not truly concerned with whether or not they are right or wrong.
Of course, this isn't easy, and it will take some process, but you will be developing some incredible language habits that will simply show you how easy it is to get whatever you want in life, as terminology styles are much less complicated than when you realize them.
The easiest way to do this is with the Meta Model - fear of failure - from Neuro linguistic programming, which will allow you more verbal flexibility than you'll know what to do with, as you will uncover these skills incredibly flexible and powerful.
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All you really need to do is turn out to be fascinated in trance, which is exactly how you will live your impressive life from hear on out.
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The Astonishing Guy
So the other day I was down at the woodland, working on my expertise of being able to launch the ways of the Ninja, when this nuts man wearing a violet suit thought it might be a good idea to change these suggestions in my neural, so we could have some nice thoughts about all of this business.
However, as this man began to get closer and closer, we realized that we'd known each other from some time ago, although I didn't quite remember where we'd met, but he seemed to be so congruent and helpful I couldn't bear to ask him for his identification.
The truth of the matter was that he seemed to know everything about me, and was able to recite even some of the research papers I'd written as an elementary school student, which meant I was in touch with lots of people.
Then he told me he was using some of the powerful intellect numbing skills of incredible hypnosis, and that all he could do was look into my brain, and read the information that was floating around freely for everybody to simply pick up.
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Now, here is where the weird part happens. As we were in the middle of a conversation about my middle school history, we abruptly found ourselves in a eatery that specializes in melted chicken, which meant I was about to eat some delightful grease, surrounded by some gorgeous waitresses.
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