The Newest Women's Shoes Trends 2018

The variety of women’s footwear today is totally incredible. New trends allow wearing many different pairs for various purposes.

For instance, Milano shoes are very popular today as well as princess flats, so you are able to choose the pair depending on your taste.

In this article, we would like to show you the most popular trends in 2018.


  1. Velvet slipper

The pair of modern velvet slipper shoes with an embroidery on them which could vary widely is a great chance to look really stylish and original. Some variations have a fabulous silk embroidery in a “Gold Work” technique, which came to us from China. In this technique, a golden or silver wire is used. This type of embroidery can be done only by hand, so it quite exclusive models. The themes of the embroidered pictures on velvet also vary: it could be unusual characters like lions, skeletons, skulls, deer or even dinosaurs. No doubts that you will look pretty unique!

  1. Gucci logo

Italian brand Gucci pleases with a bulky constructed boots on a thick sole in 2018. This design of Gucci logo shoes has its roots back in the 1980s when such prints were extremely popular and a vintage logo on ivory leather allows you to look impressive.

  1. Princess flat

If you want to look like a princess from a fairy-tale, this pair was made especially for you! They look delicate and gently and have many variations in color. You can pick up from rosy, red, silver and many others. The princess flats shoes have slip-resistant sole and leather upper, which makes them not only beautiful and special but also comfortable.

  1. Glitter sole

A real novelty and a crush in 2018 are glitter sole shoes. It is so popular today that many people even make their soles glittering by themselves! The glitter sole is versatile - you can wear them with your jeans and T-shirt or with an elegant dress. In both cases, you will look perfect!

  1. Milano

These shoes are a must-have for women who have a restrained style and like to wear stylish but low-key stuff. These casual walking women’s shoes are very modern because the designers focus on the details carefully. There is nothing redundant in them. We know you will love this model that has many different variations for all tastes and situations. You also can find exclusive models of Milano shoes online.

  1. Louboutin

Louboutin shoes look brilliant and really glamorous in each situation, no matter where are you going - this luxury footwear will be the thing no one could forget! Do you want to look attractive? With Louboutin shoes heels you will be unrivaled both at parties and at work and none will be able to forgive you!

There are the most popular footwear trends for summer and autumn 2018. As you see, it isn’t hard to find something for different tastes and moods.

You can pick up whatever you like - from silk embroidery on velvet to glittering sole. Or if you prefer to look strictly and love casual style, you will also find many interesting models in which it’s easy to fall in love.