The newest additionStreet

The newest additionStreet Fighter 5's agenda is Spanish ninja Vega (also accepted as Claw), Capcom accepted in a columnist absolution alongside a new gameplay video today.NBA 2K16 MTVega is the ninth actualization accepted for Street Fighter 5's roster, which Capcom sayswill affection 16 playable fighters if the bold launches for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC next year.
In the gameplay video above, you can watch Vega exhausted up onrecently accepted actualization Necalli, Street Fighter 5's aboriginal aboriginal fighter. Here's how Capcom describes Vega as he appears in Street Fighter 5:Vega brings with him a cast new set of tricks, as able-bodied as a new appearance. Still possessing his cast acceleration and quickness, he now has admission to two audible angry modes: barb or no-claw.