The Mystery Of Your Own Personalized Unrestricted Cuisine Source

I was at my local mall the other day, looking for something to eat, which is always a error because whenever I go shopping when I'm starving, I end up purchasing way to much rubbish, which is the reason why I've got a garage filled with nonsense.
So anyhow, I walk into this kitchen equipment shop, and they had the regular stuff like pots and pans, coffee machines, a loaf of bread machines, etc.
But there was this one apparatus that didn't make much sense, as it had no relocating parts, and only a couple wires coming out from the bottom, some hole in the side, and a hole on top.
The guy said it was the latest invention from some man at the UN, and this piece of metal could make any cuisine you wanted, and you'd be never starving again, since it was very cheap to operate.
All you did was take the two electrodes on the bottom part, hook them up to your brain, and the apparatus would do the rest, it basically looked inside your thoughts to determine what you wanted to consume, and it would spit it out.
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All you needed to do was to convert some yellow sand at the local beach in the top into the meal you wanted. If you don't live near a beach, then you can get a pail of beach sand from the Internet or a thing.
This works because deeply embedded in the chemicals of filth is the basic ingredients for all life on Earth, which is where we get our cuisine and all of our homes from. So conceivably you could use this machine to build a house or a boat as well.
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My Outstanding Blind Date
I don't go on blind dates much, but a buddy of mine had this other buddy that was allegedly very magnificent, tremendous hot, and tremendous kind, and I was apparently a perfect match for her.
So I met her at this eating place, like I was supposed to, and was waiting in the tavern having a whiskey to relieve my nerves, so I would be relaxed and speaking.
She walks up to me, sits next to me and starts talking to me, as she had a photo of me but I didn't have a photo of her, and I was definitely amazed and flabbergasted beyond opinion.
See, she was not only incredibly drop dead stunning, but she was such a stunning conversationalist that I didn't even need to move my oral cavity, all I needed to do was to nod at the suitable times, and that was that.
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I suppose that she was very advanced in her communication skills, both in hypnosis and - hypnotic - telepathy, so I just rolled with it, let her dig into my mind for all the stuff, and let her have a lot of fun with my experiences.
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