The Miseries Of Christmas Shopping And Returns

US consumers a hard sell for traditional retail

The first package came, but the elusive second parcel, never showed! By now, I was on a first name basis with the secretary of a store manager in Corpus Christi. Bless her heart; she was really trying to locate the stray package for Pat. Hours later, she called to tell me, shed located the package, and it would be delivered Christmas Eve before deliveries were concluded! Boy that was closePat would now have a package to open Christmas morn!

On the other side of town at Hupps Mill Plaza, an employee at Advanced Auto Parts said he hadnt seen any gift cards yet. When asked if he had witnessed an increase in shoppers since Christmas, he said he could not say that he had. Shoppers certainly could be found on the lower end of Hupps Mill Plaza stocking up on items from Goodys after Christmas. Shoppers have had the opportunity to take advantage of Goodys after-Christmas sale featuring 60 percent off of sweaters, outerwear and toys. Manager Tonya Stovall said business has been real good for this Goodys store, especially before Christmas on Christmas Eve. The best thing happened on Christmas Eve when we had a sale, said Stovall. The store closed at 7, and we were having to ask customers to leave, so that made me feel like we did really good. Stovall said they also havent seen as many returns as last year after Christmas.

SoBo stores boom in after-Christmas shopping

economy and declines in the jobless rate, plus gains in stock and home prices, are failing to resonate with many Americans whose incomes are struggling to catch up to where they were before the financial crisis. Getty Images Customers walk outside Macy's Herald Square on November 28, 2013 in New York City. But to many retail hyperlink experts and economists there are other less cyclical factors at play. Consumers are spending more. Government figures show monthly personal consumption has risen for seven straight months, with November's outlay marking the fastest increase in five months. But they just are not spending in the shopping malls like they used to. And that means that, even if the economy picks up significantly, retailers of many products could still struggle.