The Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant Deal And Al Badie Group

Currently, Al Badie group and the Minsk wheel tractor plant have signed the supply agreement for delivery of the heavy-duty tank transporters to the UAE GHQ armed forces. VOLAT has launched the new Tank Transporters which is specifically designed to meet the needs of the UAE GHQ Armed Forces. It is here in order to enhance its worldwide presence as well as it ensures about the ability to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers of national and international markets.

Talking about the Semi-trailer MZKT-999421 and trailer MZKT-83721 and which was approved to purchase by the Al Badie group are here-

It has a movable shelter on the trailer and the semi-trailer. As well as its extendable loading platform is a main attraction which has got the width adjustaable from 3650 mm to 4650mm. The Semi-trailer hydraulic wheel d  rive is an optional and it is here to increase a cross-country ability. It is the best to approach of the armored tracked vehicles from trailer to semi-trailer. Talking about the Supply Agreement in between the parties, it was signed on behalf of VOLAT by the General director Mr. Igor Letov and Mr. Khaled – the vice president of the Al Badie group.

It is already known that the Al badie group is here in the market since 1967 and it is working with the various platforms in order to develop the nation. It offers various products and services to all over the nation successfully and running by the 5000+ professionals just to deliver the best results to the society, company, people and the partners.

khaledAl Badiehas started the group and completely changed it up by using innovative techniques, tools and skills.