The Minn Kota Powerdrive V comes only as a bow mount option.. In order to use this on the stern of a

he Minn Kota Powerdrive V comes only as a bow mount option.. In order to use this on the stern of a boat. you'll need to reverse the steering in the pedal.. During this tutorial I will show you how.. There are three springs located in the bottom of the foot-pedal. You will need to remove these with a thin pair of needle-nose pliers.. Simply pull up on each spring and let it slide down inside of the pedal.. Once you have removed these. the rocker panel on the top will simply lift off. Lift off the panel and locate the green and yellow wires. The green and yellow wires controll your direction or your steering. What we are going to do is cut these two wires. and then we are going to strip them and we are going to invert them. so that the yellow wire coming from the cable. runs into the green wire going into the circuit card.. And we will reverse this for both of them.. This way when you press down on the right side of your pedal. Minn Kota i-Pilot link System Kit to match Riptide ST ... Minn Kota Riptide 55/SP with i-pilot simply no foot pedal 48" 12v ... Minn Kota Electric Propulsion for the Canoethe motor will actually turn the oposite direction. so that if you are transom mounting this motor (stern mounting it). the boat will turn in the correct direction.. So after minn kota terrova you have stripped the wires. just twist the yellow and the green together for each. I'm going to solder these wires together. just to make sure there is a good strong connection and that nothing will pull apart. As you can see here, in order to waterproof it. the original manufactured wiring is epoxied down to the circuit card. So once I am done soldering here I am going to take a hot-glue gun. and I'm going to cover the speed control so there is no chance of getting glue on it. and I'm going to totally encase the two leads in hot-glue. and glue it to the original ball of epoxy.. Once you are done you just need to put those springs back on.. Carefully pull them back up through and latch them back onto the frame. and you are good minn kota parts to go!. .