The Marvelous Spa Resort Town of Baden Baden

Situated near the famous Black Forest in Baden Wurttemberg, Baden Baden is really a town primarily noted for its thermal springs and rich tourist crowd. Baden Baden's prominence as being a spa resort is rooted in the discovery by the Romans, who have been studying the Black Forest. Through the 19th century, many rich and prominent personalities were attracted to the town's thermal springs discovered so long ago.

After several centuries, the spas in Baden Baden have remained the center of attention. There are a total of twelve thermal spas still operating in Baden Baden. A number of them are quite old but have maintained their elegant look and appeal. One of several oldest around the world is Friedrichsbad, the Roman-built spa showcasing water that may are a temperature of 68°C. Another prominent spa around town will be the more modern Caracalla Therme, whose water can also reach to temperature which is reported to be competent at treating an array of conditions for example respiratory illnesses, rheumatism and joint pain.

Apart from the natural spa locations, Baden-Baden now offers a wide selection of spa clinics, spa hotels or wellness centers. While in town, don't forget to stay well hydrated since the water here has won numerous awards for quality. Both Friedrichsbad and Caracalla Therm may be found in Romerplatz, the middle of the bath quarter called Badeviertel.


In addition to garnering a title of being the best German town for health-related holidays, Baden Baden also soon became the social playground for that affluent, especially during summers. The white-clad Kurhaus casino, you will have situated in town, also offers a legendary status in Germany. This historic site has been host to many famous gamblers, including the renowned composer Dostoevsky, the writer Tolstoy and Queen Victoria. Additionally it is sometimes called probably the most beautiful casinos on the planet.

Baden Baden might be renowned for being the hang-out to the rich, however it does not mean that ordinary travelers won't such as the other elements of this German town satisfying. There are numerous other items to perform around that won't require you to spend loads on money on gambling or purchasing luxurious spa packages. Baden Baden was lucky enough to get not incur any damages throughout the World war 2 bombing with the Allied forces. As well as the town is compact enough that you can easily walk to its marvelous landmarks. There's also regular bus services which go to surrounding villages and towns. Many of them pick up passengers from your town center area, including the Leopoldplatz and Augustaplatz.

Proceed towards the parkland avenue named Lichtentaler Allee. Running plus the River Oos, this stretch of English-style Park intentions to be very scenic and romantic due to the various trees and rose garden. The town's sophistication can also be reflected from the variety of museums it has. On Lichtentaler Allee, you can find one of Baden Baden's most celebrated museum, called Frieder Burda. Opened in 2004, the museum is especially regarded for holding the most effective collections of contemporary art today.

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