'The League' Recap: Of Player Pianos, Ditka the Dog, and 'Vapora Sport'

Leave it to FX's The League to make getting a daughter a piano something that's raunchy. But this story of "Vapora Sport" wouldn't be complete without some ridiculous elements, like Pete (Mark Duplass) obsessed with athlete shoes and Taco (Jonathan Lajoie) watching his parent's dog Ditka, who is conditioned to bark at the smell of sex.Ruxin seeks revengeWhile Ruxin (Nick Kroll) is often plotting against others on this FX comedy, and it's rare he gets some help in his machinations. This time, though, some help comes in the form of Taco and Ditka the dog. Ruxin needs to figure out who his coworker Michelle is sleeping with, since she gets all the best cases like a Bears sponsorship, while Ruxin gets the case with a blind guy who smells like fungus. http://www.flickr.com/photos/96465418@N00/320691043/" title="Stephen Rannazzisi by Tat2d Toyota Dude, on Flickr" target="_blank" rel="nofollow - - But things immediately go wrong when Ditka the dog goes missing in the law firm, and the guys find him having sex with the seeing-eye dog that belongs to the blind guy. But as Ruxin and Taco try to part the dogs, the blind guy smells Ruxin, as well as a guy who smells like pot. And after realizing what Ditka is doing, he attacks Ruxin, and Ruxin gets beat by yet another blind guy, prompting the question, "why are the blind so http://www.slideshare.net/clammycard7154/keeping-hanging-mirrors-and-hanging-pictures-straight-forever-as-seen-on-tv - sport - strong?" Because Ruxin has never been an athlete, not like his other friends.Pete the athlete?Pete is getting back into shape, and he needs a high-performance shoe. He thinks he finds that in the Vapora Sport, hence The League's episode title, but then a guy in a wheelchair wants the shoe too, and it's the last pair in the shoe store. The customer is always right, and in this case, that customer is the wheelchair guy.So Pete gets the casual shoe and immediately regrets it when his shoes slip while attempting to push a broken-down car that a cute girl owns. He even splits open his chin. And not one of his friends know what Pete is up to, because Pete is most definitely not an athlete.Kevin (Stephen Rannazzisi) believes that even he, despite his teenage eating habits, could outrun Pete any day. But first, Pete needs stitches on his chin, which he gets from Andre (Paul Scheer). Then, while in Andre's office, he sees the wheelchair guy, who is seeing Dr. Andre for some calf implants, or, as he says, "leg titties."And Pete takes the opportunity to steal the shoes from him when the wheelchair guy is laying on his stomach. Now, Pete can be an athlete, or so he thinks.Kevin and the racist pianoIn a seemingly different storyline, Jenny (Katie Aselton) and Kevin have decided that musical instruments would be the best way to ensure Eli will never have sex (other than wood instruments). So, they get her a player piano.The problem? Well, the first is that Jenny accidentally walks by in her robe while the piano guy is still there. And then Ditka barks when the piano guy leaves the http://www.dmbeatles.com/pictures.php - http://www.dmbeatles.com/pictures.php - bathroom.The second problem? The player piano plays a racist song, one Eli loves. And so Kevin has to return the piano. As he's driving downtown, he needs to back up a one-way street. As he does, he can't see -- and ends up running into wheelchair guy and wrecking his wheelchair. Know where all this is going to collide yet?The wheelchair guy likes to take care of his feet, clearly, and he's on the way to his pedicure. So Kevin starts rolling him on a dollie after unloading the piano. And as he does so, they run into Pete, who is happily prancing in his Vapora Sports. So who is the better athlete? The best friends decide to race, which is all well and good -- until Pete's ankle starts hurting him, and then Kevin's leg cramps. And the wheelchair guy starts flying down a hill, and runs right into the piano playing the racist song. Ridiculous, but that's what The League does best.The FX comedy airs on Thursday nights at 10:30 p.m. EST.Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/96465418@N00/320691043/#" target="_blank" rel="nofollow - Flickr - 2012 target="_blank" https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lizs-Ink/106894422722062" rel="nofollow - Elizabeth SanFilippo -