The Inception and Evolution of GPS Navigation Systems

It is often said that men refuse to stop and ask directions, they would rather get lost while still maintaining that they know where they are going, and we believe that this is true, but some people will say that my opinion is biased. In any case, it is good to know that neither they nor anybody else need to get lost anymore due to the inception of GPS navigation systems. Back in the day, maps were a traveller's best friend as the directions of passer-bys and family and friends were not always reliable and as such maps were usually spread out in the car and marked with pens and markers and even then many people still got lost, because roads and communities change, but the map have not been updated. Now with the GPS, you no longer need to stop at every pit stop or gas station to ask directions or to confirm that you are on the right road.


The navigation system that are placed in cars can vary based on brand and the particular model that you bought, one of the popular models are the TomTom GPS systems and they are equipped with different features to match the needs of different consumers. However the common thing with all GPS systems is that they provide you with detailed directions of how to get to your destination, the way the directions are displayed and how much detail you receive is dependent on the brand and model that you buy find here The newer models of these systems are set up to give you a turn by turn direction to ensure that you are on the right track, some will go as far as to tell you the name of the street that you just turned on every time you go on a new one. As stated before how it is displayed is very much dependent on the one you have, but many of them will be so easy to use that your kids may think that its a nifty toy, they have graphical displays that shows you as a little blip on the screen, some of them represents you with a car icon and you will see the icon move along the map as you move along the road, this way you will always know where on the map you are and the direction that you are headed in, others will have arrows that also moves along the map and these arrows will show you where to go and when to turn.


The more high tech systems, yes even more high tech than the aforementioned; these systems are verbal and they speak directly to you. We think that these are safer because it eliminates the need to look at the monitor all the time, The system will literally tell you that there is a left or right turn coming up that you should take and the name of the street that you are to turn on.