The Importance of Images

Small to medium-sized businesses often find it hard to keep up with the major retailers. In 1st angle method , a number of household names have gone under as they cannot compete with retailers such as Amazon. Toys-R-Us recently announced they are going out of business and cited Amazon as a major reason why. How can a business keep up with competition such as this? One way to do so is to make use of images effectively. Online shoppers cannot touch and feel the item, thus they need to have these images to truly understand what they are purchasing. 3 angle projection marketing agency Colorado Springs can help create engaging photos that draw consumers in.

Images Count

Placing one image per product on a website isn't enough. Approximately 75 percent of consumers now state they want to see at least three images of a product before they make a purchase. More is always better in this situation. In fact, only two percent of online shoppers state they purchase a product sight unseen, and only 25 percent report they will purchase an item that has one or two images.

The images provide the consumer with a better understanding of the product and how it will add value to their life. A business needs to recognize this basic fact and make certain they have a minimum of three images for every product they sell.

Why This Change?

Consumers typically don't search for a specific item. They visit a search engine and enter a product category. Once the category results are displayed, they begin to narrow the choices by what they prefer and other characteristics. For clothing, this may be size or gender. When looking for a new lawnmower, the consumer may narrow the choices by riding mowers or self-propelled push models.

The images help to make the search process simpler for them, and research shows images pay off. Amazon conducted a study which found conversion rates improve when more images are presented. This is true more than 50 percent of the time and products with multiple images even outsell those presented at the top of the screen, if these products have fewer than three images.

Take care with the images. Low-quality photos won't demonstrate the value of the product and can do more harm than good. If a customer arrives on the site and views one item with low-quality images, they will likely go elsewhere without browsing the site any further. This loss of business can be very damaging to the company. Invest in high-quality photos and work with a marketing agency to ensure they are properly displayed for the best results.