The History of Formula One Racing

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Firstly, India has a rich rallying heritage. Lets never forget the Great Desert Himalayan, a stellar event through the 1980s which attracted top talents from throughout the world, for the mix of unpredictable conditions, varying topography and of course the lure from the mystique of India, which saw many teams staying on as soon as the event to savour the sights and sounds of India provides. The Raid de Himalaya and Desert Storm do continue the tradition somewhat, but a raid is a little bit different from the WRC format.

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MB2 Raceways tracks in the Sylmar and Thousand Oaks locations happen to be built based on the international norms. When it comes to the number of turns within the tracks, the Sylmar track possess 12 turns, whilst the Thousand Oaks has got 11 turns, which eventually assist the drivers to accomplish expertise in turning the karts at broadband. Moreover, the both tracks are ?? miles long in addition to their floor consist of Etched concrete, that has also got the drifting capabilities.