The hampaiden narskuttelu

WHITE SMILE system, which is used in our office, involves a completely safe and painless procedure. The system is based on the use of hydrogen peroxide in the gel, which is applied to the teeth and a special UV lamp that is not heated and does not damage the teeth but has a role to accelerate the bleaching process purentakisko. The gel contains fluoride that we know of that uses the teeth. Before the treatment to determine the actual color of the patient's teeth, then a gel with specialized protection of the gums of the patient, and a gel applied to the end of the teeth, which should be avoided. After 30-45 minutes of treatment lamp teeth become brighter shades of 2-4, depending on the lot of the individual factors. The durability of your new color is 2 - 5 years hampaiden narskuttelu.
In our office we are working with the U.S. chemical Opalescence. It is a gel comprising urea peroxide in a low concentration of 10-15%. The process is simple: in the office to Uzma impression of the upper and lower jaw on the basis of which the mold making (tray) that the patient gets along with gel and take home. In Trejo apply a small amount of gel and worn overnight. The process takes 7-10 days, the effect lasts for 3 years, after which it is necessary to restore the process to maintain the results.
Veneers are often the best aesthetic solution for getting the ideal smile. They can be used to change the color and to change the shape of the tooth. The best solution for small teeth or teeth with irregular surfaces , chipped, abraded , teeth with small holes and cavities or teeth with diastema ( spaces) . Veneers can resolve irregularities and creates a perfect and youthful smile.Composite veneers are usually made in one visit hampaidenvalkaisukotona. The procedure is the direct application of composites and bonding to the tooth surface , are made without grinding so that it preserves the structure of the tooth enamel . Visible right in laughter ( Gummy smile) is a relatively common occurrence in patients. Such people avoid to laugh or feel uncomfortable in the company.
The intervention is short, only about twenty minutes. Patients out of the office with a brand new smile and results immediately visible. Of course, after the intervention took several days to get right to the patient calm and continue with good oral hygiene and narskuttelu. There are cases where the Gummy smiles big and where necessary removing large gums, it is recommended as part of the rehabilitation and prosthetics (best aesthetic choices are metal-free ceramic crowns).