The Good and the Bad

OK, bad first. I'm exhausted. I'm sleeping about 16 hours a day, no exaggeration. Now the good. I had a mini- flair-up after a massage...fever, pain, etc...these always last at least a week but this time, I was able to get to class only 5 days later!  That's HUGE for me. I thought for sure I would lose an entire week of classes. Now for some more sleep so I will feel up to seeing some friends this weekend. Seeing friends really lifts my spirits!  :)



Sorry for the megazaustion you\'re combating...megagentlehugs! Awesome progress being able to attend class after 5 days! Doing one spin in my chair, yup, that\'s my happy dance! (it\'s a slooooow spin, but I smile all the way round)

Tucking you in with a sweet dreams.....hope you can get those spirits lifted up, up and away in the company of good friends.....that always helps me too!

They\'ll be mighty glad to get to see you too JenBen!!!!!!