The Global Battle Over E-cigarettes

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The chair of Frances Office of Smoking Prevention, Bertrand Dautzenberg, has described e-cigarettes as marvelous news in the fight against tobacco, a position apparently undermined by a recent Toulouse court ruling that e-cigarettes should only be sold by licensed tobacconists. The ruling is seen as a win for the tobacco industry because it could force the closure of more than 140 independent e-cigarette shops across the country and provide tobacco companies which are moving fast into vaping with the lions share of the French e-cigarette market. However, the European parliament last October voted against regulating e-cigarettes as a medicine, a move the e-cigarette lobbyist Devlin welcomed. Greatest Cost savings of the Year on V2 E-Cigs., LEARN MORE AT:

The FDA could forbid e-cig companies from selling online, advertising on TV or selling flavored tobacco products, which are thought to be targeted to children. Erika Sward , assistant vice president at the National Lung Association , says Ploom and its peers need more thorough vetting. Nicotine addictive "We don't know what's in them and what the health consequences might be," she says, adding that nicotine is highly addictive in any form. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act prohibits companies with unregulated products from making health claims, so Ploom doesn't get too specific in arguing about tar or other cigarette fillers. Making use of A V2 Cigs Voucher Code, LEARN MORE AT:

E-cigarette advertising takes a page from old-school cigarette ads

Leo DiCaprio and Katherine Heigl puff on them. Talk show host Jenny McCarthy and actor Stephen Dorff hawk them. For that matter, so does Santa Claus (at least in one controversial billboard). Quench your Nicotine Desire in a Safer, Convenient Method with the V2 Electronic Cigarette, LEARN MORE AT:

E-cigarettes take social scene by storm; pose headaches for regulators

Also, just as advertising on regular cigarettes has been restricted, many feel that advertising for e-cigs should likewise be restricted. And unlike the age 18 requirement for purchasing regular cigarettes, some states are allowing minors to buy e-cigs. I always like to look around the world and see how other countries deal with issues such as this. Unbelievable v2 discount rate code., LEARN MORE AT:

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