The Future Of Cloud Computing

Proactive Application Monitoring Proactive application monitoring technology is currently available, but predictive technology and software will soon make this more robust and accurate. Companies will be able to foresee disaster and avert it, mitigating damage to their systems. This will prevent downtime and make the company safer. Technology to Ensure Uptime Companies need uptime guarantees. With low-power processors, data centers will become more affordable, allowing companies to acquire seven to ten data centers around the world in different time zones and thereby allowing them to guarantee 99.9 percent uptime.

Cloud computing jobs hold rich potential

"Amazon Web Services and skills associated with [AWS] was the most sought-after skill set." Cloud computing employers agreed. "We look for folks with direct Amazon experience on production workloads versus just tinkering or lab-type setups," saidJim O'Neill, chief information officer at HubSpot Inc., a cloud-based marketing software firm in Cambridge, Mass. "We will consider folks who have Rackspace cloud experience, but we don't focus on folks with VMware skills today." IT pros who can marry business strategy with cloud-based service delivery models are in high demand. The OpenStack Foundation issued a report last month suggesting OpenStack skills provided richer returns for software engineers than other clouds. However, Lee said that according to's Open Web analysis, other than AWS, there aren't any statistically significant results for any specific cloud platforms. More generally, recruiters said, IT pros who can marry business strategy with cloud-based service delivery models are in high demand. "For firms that would normally deploy their software, application or product on the client site, the cloud has enabled everybody to offer their product as Software as a Service hosted in the cloud," said David Belanger, founder of The Ceres Group, an IT recruitment firm based in Boston.

Hong Kong companies slow to adopt cloud computing services

Such resources are hosted in data centres. Globally, cloud adoption seems to be based on how quickly issues such as security and cost can be reconciled Garry Sidaway, NTT Com Security Catherine Kung, the regional director at NTT Com Security, a global information security and risk-management provider, said financial services remained the most conservative among the industries that participated in the survey. Cloud is a well-established and maturing technology, but levels of adoption still vary across different geographies, Kung said. The Hong Kong study was part of a larger international survey of 700 information technology decision makers in selected markets that included the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Singapore and Japan. About 86 per cent of those surveyed in Hong Kong said compliance issues slowed their adoption of cloud services, compared with the average of 76 per cent in the global study. It also found that 38 per cent of the Hong Kong enterprises surveyed considered security very important when deploying a new service, or changing the delivery of an existing one.