When considering family vacations, the choice of accommodation is a determining factor, and for several reasons. First, it is often the most important expense in the trip budget and therefore, it is important to choose it well. But also because spending a week in a poorly adapted housing for children, it can quickly become hell for the parents. Here are some tips to choose your vacation rental !

Choose an equipped apartment rather than a hotel room:

This is advice most parents will give you, especially if you are traveling with young children. Between 3 and 8 years old, it is very difficult to “live together” for a whole week in one room, and even if it is spacious. It is therefore more suitable to choose a vacation rental that allows everyone to have “his” small space for these few days. The other advantage is that you can avoid going to the restaurant by cooking on site. This represents a significant saving, and it is also a comfort appreciable, because it can be difficult to go to the restaurant at night when we spent the whole day to trudge with the children. A moment of calm, a good meal and a relaxing evening will benefit you during your stay.

Choose a residence appreciated by families:


Most sites that offer vacation rentals have a system that allows their guests to post reviews as a result of their vacation. Take the time to read these comments, they will be valuable to you to make your choice. Give preference to those who are family members, especially those with children


of your own age (if specified in the notices). You will learn many things that will be useful for choosing your future vacation spot, including on-site equipment for children. For the Short Term Rentals Kolkata, this is the perfect option now.

Find a vacation rental as close as possible to the activities:

To avoid having to drive every day, or take public transport for long distances, choose a vacation rental close to the activities you want to do with your family. It will sometimes be a little more expensive, but it will probably be an economy both in terms of transportation and the stress that it can represent daily to transport your tribe to the desired attraction. If you have toddlers, it will also allow you to return for small naps, and enjoy even more the rest of the day!

Make sure you have a contact on site:

Finally, and this is an essential point, choose a vacation rental that guarantees you a contact on site. If you encounter a problem on your arrival, it will be very valuable to meet a rental manager, who will find a solution immediately. Nothing more stressful during your vacation than having to spend time with a customer service phone because of a broken water supply or a problem of access to your beautiful holiday pool !