The Fantastic Pirate Phantom

So I was shifting into a fresh home that I'd bought recently, and as it turns out, I've got this secret cellar that wasn't included on any of the sales brochures, nor in any property declaration.
I was shifting boxes around in my brand new lounge, when I came across this hidden knowledge lobby down into the depths of the earth, all from behind my fireplace, which really was just a hologram to fool robbers and stuff.
So I grabbed my backpack filled with water, and decided to maybe bring a couple of shotguns in case I ran into vampires or something, and headed on down into this garage of remarkable discovery.
Anyhow, when I got down there, I found this hidden knowledge room that was filled with these massive pirate chests filled with gold and - - other value.
I knew they were from cutthroat buccaneers because each silver coin had a head and crossbones on there, and there was a bunch of red bandannas lying on the ground, as well as bunch of pumpkin heads or scarecrows from some parrots.
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But just when I started picking up the gold and putting it in my backpack, a bunch of pirate ghosts showed up and chased me back upstairs.
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The Peculiar Manipulated Pleasure Playground
So I went on this journey that I earned on this game show, and they told me I was going to a renowned activity woodland in some wonderful city loaded with all kinds of nightlife, but I ended up at this actually little area in the middle of the forests.
We ended up in this village in the middle of the forests that didn't have any cable TV and they only had one cafe that had been closed down ever since it was crowded by rodents and kangaroos.
Now, at first, the weird area didn't really bother me that much, because the theme woodland was run by these truly nice spiders that seemed to be truly concerned with the well-being of the guests, which meant that we were lulled into a sense of complacency that would later come back to kill in is a very slow and agonizing way.
To make matters even more complicated, every time I went on a ride, it always started with a cart load of people just like me, but when we went through the tube and came out the other side, I was the only particular person on the ride.
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I think what was probably happening was that they were snatching up people and promoting their bodies on the black market, or maybe simply using them in government or unusual tests.
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The Fresh Location
I was sitting around in my new residence the other day, wondering where I was going to put my TV when my tremendously pretty next front door neighbor came knocking, and asked me if I wanted to come over to her gear celebration.
Now, at first I was a bit puzzled, simply because Hallow's eve had happened a couple weeks ago, but because my next-door neighbor was so pretty I didn't really waste any time asking questions or anything like that.
I was very shocked when I showed up, due to the fact everybody was dressed in these astonishingly difficult costumes that looked like they spent hours making them and sewing everything together.
Of course, I was wearing the least creative costume, basically a bed sheet over my head, but for some reason I collected first prize in a contest that I didn't even know existed, and I got to consume some delicious punch that was spiked with some kind of alcohol or something.
But the funny thing is, that I've got all these ghouls in my residence that are always using hypnosis on me, and they never wear bedding, or carry around bangles or any of that.
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Not that the ghosts in my residence show up that often, but when they do, they're usually pretty polite, and they usually ask me for something to eat or ingest, which of course I give them.
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