The Fabulous Doctor

So I was wandering around downtown a couple of days ago, and trying to find something interesting to do when I saw this clinical doctor who was giving away free examinations to anybody that wanted them.
I go inside, expecting to be given the run around or the hard sell, but this guy starts chatting to me in the supernatural language of hypnotherapy, which automatically made me feel amazingly relaxed.
And while I was listening to his sweet seductive voice drift me down deeper and deeper into hypnotism, these delicate pets came in and removed all my organs, including of course, my emotional performance.
However, this was only a wonderful hallucination, because if they really did take my mind, I wouldn't be able to write this, nor would I have observed the secrets of the universe.
Of course, I was so impressed that I'll go back to see him whenever I have any kind of mental or emotional problem, which is quite often to be honest.
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Of course, there have been some unwanted side effects from that hypnotism, namely that I keep speaking like a hen.
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The Shocking Gear Party
I was recently shifted to a brand new town, and I was sitting around in my empty condominium wondering what I was going to do for entertainment that evening when this knock came at my entrance, and it was my neighbor asking me to a uniform occasion.
Now, at first I was a bit perplexed, because The Halloween season had happened a couple weeks ago, but simply because my next-door neighbor was so sweet I didn't really waste any time asking questions or anything like that.
When I showed up at the party, I was immediately shocked beyond recognition, since I was sort of anticipating some kind of half thrown together outfits, but people were wearing these magnificent creations that had seemingly come straight from the sixteenth century.
I had only grabbed a vivid white linen, and threw it over my head and pretended that I was some kind of phantom, but for some reason they thought this was the best idea they'd ever seen.
But the funny thing is, that I've got all these ghouls in my house that are always using hypnosis on me, and they never wear linens, or carry around chains or any of that.
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They just show up donning whatever outfits they were sporting when they died, which makes perfect sense, even though some of their garments have bullet pockets.
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Get Miraculous Contentment
If you are like most individuals, you would love to become more popular, and when you do, you will - over here - suddenly realize that you are bringing in the completely wrong kind of folks, which means that you will be more effective than you think.
You'll need to figure out how to get rid of these particularly destructive ghouls, so you can get on with your life and get stuff happening without worrying about these goblins sucking all the life out of you.
All you'll need to do is figure out what lies beneath these badly worded things, things that will make them step back and stop questioning you with such bold statements and things like that.
Naturally, like anything else in life, it is going to take some practice, and you won't be so good when you commence, but the more you training, the simpler it will get, and you will soon have some major skills that few other people have, which will make you stand out like an apple cart in a hurricane.
The easiest way to do this is with the Meta Model from Neuro linguistic programming, which will allow you more verbal flexibility than you'll know what to do with, as you will uncover these skills incredibly flexible and powerful.
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Naturally, the more you learn about trance, the less difficult your life will be and the more stuff you'll be able to extract out of life, now and in the future.
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The Outrageous Link
So the other day I was down at the woodland practicing my juggling abilities, when this guy seemed to be eyeing my from over behind the shrubs, and I thought something was a little bit odd about him.
However, as this person began to get nearer and nearer, we realized that we'd known each other from some time ago, although I didn't quite remember exactly where we'd met, but he seemed to be so congruent and helpful I couldn't bear to ask him for his identification.
Now, the more he talked to me, the more he realized that we were all in some kind of a group together, or maybe he was simply planting memories in my mind that were better left without saying or anything like that.
Then he told me he was using some of the powerful imagination numbing expertise of incredible hypnosis, and that all he could do was look into my mind, and read the information that was sailing around freely for everybody to simply pick up.
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The next thing I knew I was sitting in the middle of a cafe that specialized in making these little hen sandwiches, and before I could say Jack Dark, one of the cute waitresses came over and sat on my lap.
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