The Excellent Dollars Key

The other day me and my close friends were jogging down the street talking about things that may be intriguing to some people but no others when we ended up in this unusual apparel store. As soon as we walked in, there was this lady that was dressed like a witch, and your woman said your woman had something for us.

Now, I was fairly sure that the crimson cardigan that she gave me was going to be kind of pricey, since it seemed to be made out of some extremely fine and very costly yarn, but I was shocked beyond belief when I understood that this was only for one greenback, which even I can afford.

Of course, when we went outside the shop, it had gotten a bit colder, so naturally I put on the sweater. When I did, some quite fantastic things started to happen. Every woman I passed on the street took out their mobile phones and were literally pleading me for my telephone number.

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The technique was that when all these folks dressed as lenders came up to me and started acting like I was their best friend and they all owed me dollars or something, that was really extraordinary.

Now, I assume that the kind witches in the garments shop had embedded my magenta jumper with some kind of ultra formula hypnotherapy power of the gods or something.

Naturally, my close friends and I took turns wearing this cardigan and getting some incredibly powerful and terrible results.

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