The Evening Of Excellent Human brain Blowing Turmoil

The other evening I located myself out and walking around, which is fairly rare since I'm fairly idle, but the times when I do get out and about it is fairly interesting, which is what you'll soon find out in a moment or two.
It was more like an open mic night, where men and women can go up and do anything they want, so long as it's related to miraculous or something divine related, so folks who are into that sort of thing can improve their game.
Obviously, when you go to an open mic night, you're type of expecting to see some folks talk about lame poetry, or tips that may sound very lame to the lay person, and you need to be some kind of an insider to know what's really going on, but this was way diverse than that.
In fact, there was this one guy that was exceptionally clairvoyant, and he spent the whole evening talking about what was going on inside of people's minds, and they were lapping it up like chilly drinking water in the wasteland.
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The funny thing was that he was using some sort of hypnotism, and nobody really understood what was going on, so when I started to realize what was really happening, I started to question my own peace of mind.
Which is what will happen if you don't be careful who you listen to.
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