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Chiropractic First joins the Elevation Health Group

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This new venture helps bring Chiropractic First to a new platform of patient care, reaffirming their position as the best Chiropractor in Redding. A spokesperson for Chiropractic First was contacted about the joining, to which they said, aFor Chiropractic First, joining an exceptional group such as the Elevation Health Group is truly an honor. We can now share years of information and experience with the world on an ever-expanding platform. In other words, we can now be more than just the best Chiropractor in Redding, and hopefully become the best in the country.a The overlapping motivations, vision, mission, passion and dedication have all helped drive Chiropractic Firstas decision to join Elevation Health Group. These overlapping factors not only helped Chiropractic First make this decision, it helped them better merge with the group. Moreover, like Elevation Health Group, Chiropractic First also offers the best in natural healthcare, choosing to focus their attention on chiropractic care.

The Elevation Group Presents Success Stories From Members

The Elevation Group is an online diary in which members pay to access interviews with financial experts and access to EVG founders virtual rolodex. It strives to provide alternative investment strategies that go against the grain of commonly held personal financial advice. The Elevation Group recognizes that the classic model of, 'get a job, invest in your IRA/410K and retire at 65' no longer works in the post-2008 world. We actually go and interview the best investors that are also educators guys like Tom Wheelwright, author of the book, Tax Free Wealth," says Mr. Dillard. "Tom is our CPA.