The Elevation Group Scam: Is This The True Story?

the Elevation Group Coming Down on Sunday

In this way they will be protecting themselves and their families. The vast majority of people are not prepared for a serious economic crisis. For many people, if they lose their job, they will quickly experience severe hardship. Mike Dillard has earned many millions of dollars for the past several years. However, he also knows what it is like to struggle financially. He wants to help others be financially secure, using methods he has learned.

Urgent action is needed by all future investors interested in taking advantage of the Elevation Group membership . As a member of Elevation Group, individuals will be able to earn an additional $1,000 to as much as $10,000 a month, by participating in Elevation Group Publishing Partners. This is just one of the perks Dillard promises for those with enough foresight to join the newly formed investment group. Elevation Group exists to teach information to its member investors, so that, if applied, they will be able to insure that the next 36 months of economic weakness will be one of personal wealth development. For example, Dillard is predicting that the cost of silver will rise from its current rate of $25 an ounce to a peak price over $900. Gold will follow a similar path, increasing from its $1,380 an ounce to over $56,000. Dillard will instruct Elevation Group members how to invest in these valuable commodities and even more importantly, when to liquidate these assets.