The Elevation Group's Mike Dillard Featured In Aspire Magazine - Cnn Ireport

In line with Aspire's website: "We like to make waves at ASPIRE HQ, which is why we decided to feature The Oracle of Doom, Beacon of Hope on the cover. Dont know who Mike Dillard is? Only one way to find out" Mike Dillard is convinced that the U.S. is coming up on the most significant wealth transfer in human history. The 'Land of the Free, and the Home of The Brave', has become the Land of the Slaves and Home of The Victims.

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There is a monthly membership fee required to join the group. However, you are not obligated to maintain it and can cancel at any time. The purpose of the Elevation Group is to teach members the strategies necessary for creating wealth. It is important to know that generating a substantial income is not dependent on what is happening with the economy. Many people are under the mistaken impression that increasing their net worth depends on a vibrant economy. As members discover, Mike Dillard and other successful entrepreneurs teach people that they can generate a lot of income regardless of what may be Elevation Group happening with the economy.

The Elevation Group Scam: Is This the True Story?

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