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is coming up on the most significant wealth transfer in human history. The 'Land of the Free, and the Home of The Brave', has become the Land of the Slaves and Home of The Victims. But with the right insight, everyone can place their selves on the right side of the transfer. This belief was the fuel that fired the creation of The Elevation Group (EVG). The Elevation Group started in late 2010 as an online diary in which members pay to access interviews with financial experts and access to EVG founders virtual rolodex. It strives to provide alternative investment strategies that go against the grain of commonly held personal financial advice. The Elevation Group recognizes that the classic model of, 'get a job, invest in your IRA/410K and retire at 65' no longer works in the post-2008 world. We actually go and interview the best investors that are also educators guys like Tom Wheelwright, author of the book, Tax Free Wealth," says Mr. Dillard. "Tom is our CPA.

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Dillard is not the only one talking about these changes. Robert Kiyosaki originally predicted many of these changes and the 2008 economic collapse back in his 2002 book Rich Dads Prophecy. Today Kiyosaki is continuing this discussion through his online book Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money. Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman, even recently stated in an interview that... We cant prevent a financial crisis forever. This is great news for you, if you have the right information and guidance. According to Mike Dillard, The Elevation Group was created in order to provide you with the education, contacts, and resources you need to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In his video Dillard reveals one of these contacts and coaches behind The Elevation Group. This coach is the author of Rich Dads Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver, Michael Maloney. Maloney has also been a quest speaker at many of Robert Kiyosakis Rich Dad seminars.

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However, Mr Kozel said that he hoped that small private investors, who speculate feverishly about the company on online discussion forums and some of whom have risked their life-savings on GKP, would not be squeezed out by the big City firms. "We have plenty of blue chip institutions invested in us already, why shouldn't the private investors stay as well? What's the difference between them and the blue chips [to the final share price]?" he asked. Leading City investors have held private concerns about GKP because of confusion over Mr Kozel's ownership of the company, which is held cash flow banking through a series of trusts. These were partially unravelled in his divorce of Ashley Kozel, which was finally settled last month and also entertained the City with evidence that he gave about strippers in glamorous nightclubs.