The Elevation Group Reviews Publishes New Video Case Study From Members Simon And Nathalie White

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 29, 2013 In a new video case study from The Elevation Group Reviews, Simon and Nathalie White both take time to discuss how they got involved with EVG, what they have both learned, and how they are implementing the teachings of The Elevation Group in their current wealth building strategy. Simon is a chemical engineer that moved to the United States 12 years ago, with his wife Nathalie, and was looking for new ways to protect their future. In the video EVG member Simon states, "I got involved in EVG through watching Mike Dillard and thought this is too good to miss." He continued to say, "We were looking for ways to spend money on our education and this was a non standard way of doing it. From the very beginning EVG really changed my paradigm." Simon's wife Nathalie mentions a few key reasons that have been important for her with The Elevation Group lessons. She said, "It's mostly financial but it's also about family and family legacy. A lot of it is about building up for your family." The new video case study can be found on The Elevation Group reviews new Youtube channel here at . The Elevation Group Reviews at this time has plans to deliver 6 additional video case study testimonies over the next 17 days providing several unique results inside of precisely just what each and every Elevation Group member has gained and in what ways they're making use of it within their real life circumstances. About: Last week The Elevation Group Reviews web site was officially unveiled to the community so individuals who have an interest in getting involved with The Elevation Group may view actual testimonies as well as case studies through existing members of The Elevation Group. The Elevation Group was started by Mike Dillard in order to empower the middle class with the investment strategies of the super rich.

Elevation Income Reviews From The First Customers To Get In

It was the best business content I had ever seen, hard-hitting, relevant, and right to the point and you truly did peel back the layers and show us how to create and grow a great business. - K. Sullivan I have always wanted to start my own company but fear of failing stopped me from doing so. After watching Elevation Income, I decided to take the plunge. Since starting The Elevation Group I have done $125,000.00 in sales at 24% net profit. I should have done this years ago. - J. Rol I created a membership based online modality for helping people with depression naturally. I followed Elevation Income to the letter and started to gain memberships within 3 months. - S. Lifer I firmly believe, I would not have the businesses that I have today, if it was not for the leadership & mentorship of Mike and Robert. I strongly endorse Elevation Income and both Mike and Robert. - Curt Maly, Co Founder of Black Box Social Media More testimonies are on the official Elevation Income website: Mike Dillard and Robert Hirsch are certain that theyve developed probably the most well-rounded and robust small business modules and they get behind Elevation Income with a guarantee.