The Elevation Group Coming Down On Sunday

Oil group plots elevation into FTSE 100 index - Business News - Business - The Independent

He urges that now is the time to act to prevent personal financial ruin. The first step, he suggests, is to join The Elevation Group for a monthly fee. Urgent action is needed by all future investors interested in taking advantage of the Elevation Group membership . As a member of Elevation Group, individuals will be able to earn an additional $1,000 to as much as $10,000 a month, by participating in Elevation Group Publishing Partners. This is just one of the perks Dillard promises for those with enough foresight to join the newly formed investment group. Elevation Group exists to teach information to its member investors, so that, if applied, they will be able to insure that the next 36 months of economic weakness will be one of personal wealth development. For example, Dillard is predicting that the cost of silver will rise from its current rate of $25 an ounce to a peak price over $900. Gold will follow a similar path, increasing from its $1,380 an ounce to over $56,000. Dillard will instruct Elevation Group members how to invest in these valuable commodities and even more importantly, when to liquidate these assets.

More fund managers have looked to take shares once they realised that it was likely to be a FTSE 100 company. However, Mr Kozel said that he hoped that small private investors, who speculate feverishly about the company on online discussion forums and some of whom have risked their life-savings on GKP, would not be squeezed out by the big City firms. "We have plenty of blue chip institutions invested in us already, why shouldn't the private investors stay as well? What's the difference between them and the blue chips [to the final share price]?" he asked. Leading City investors have held private concerns about GKP because of confusion over Mr Kozel's ownership of the company, which is held through a series of trusts. These were partially unravelled in his divorce of Ashley Kozel, which was finally settled last month and also entertained the City with evidence that he gave about strippers in glamorous nightclubs. Mr Kozel laughed about the details of his personal life, revealed in these pages last year, but added: "GKP is evolving quickly, creating value quickly, and is noth-ing short of a world class asset." Suggested Topics Go Beware the 'Squeezed middle' they're not that squeezed, and not that middle When the middle class feels pinched, politicians have to listen. But one person's poverty is another's trip to Aldi Patrick Cockburn: Prince Andrew praises Bahrain, island of torture Kingdom that represses its Shia majority is to receive seal of approval from the Duke of York Robotic arm comes to the aid of amputees Segway inventor's revolutionary 'Luke Skywalker' limb approved by US authorities Liz Nicholl: No time (or money) for losers, however plucky they may be The most powerful woman in British sport tells Alan Hubbard why her organisation is so strict with funding A History of the First World War in 100 Moments As a British nurse in occupied Belgium, Edith Cavell helped soldiers avoid captivity until she was betrayed and shot by a German firing squad in 1915 They've recreated a monster: Introducing Godzilla's latest incarnation $160m Hollywood reboot proves you can't keep a good radioactive mutant down Trouble in the vegetable patch? Break out the aspirin - it nips pesky blights in the bud Rupert Cornwell: Lost?