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As a member of Elevation Group, individuals will opinions on the elevation group be able to earn an additional $1,000 to as much as $10,000 a month, by participating in Elevation Group Publishing Partners. This is just one of the perks Dillard promises for those with enough foresight to join the newly formed investment group. Elevation Group exists to teach information to its member investors, so that, if applied, they will be able to insure that the next 36 months of economic weakness will be one of personal wealth development. For example, Dillard is predicting that the cost of silver will rise from its current rate of $25 an ounce to a peak price over $900. Gold will follow a similar path, increasing from its $1,380 an ounce to over $56,000.

The Elevation Group Reviews Releases New Video Case Study From Member Del-Metri Williams - Press Release - Digital Journal

Popular Authors New Elevation Group Podcasts Focus on Investment Strategies of Wealthy New Elevation Group Podcasts Focus on Investment Strategies of Wealthy Rick Porter February 17, 2014 Font size: + - Mike Dillard, the founder of The Elevation Group, talks to financial advisers of the ultra-rich to bring their investment strategies to the middle class in his most recent podcasts. ( -- February 17, 2014) Austin, TX -- Since the founding of The Elevation Group, in 2010, Mike Dillard has flown all over the country looking for self-made millionaires, under-the-radar businessmen, and entrepreneurs who have a net worth of at least $10 million to $1 billion. He asks their financial advisors the simple question "How do you protect and even grow your money during this economic crisis?" and presents their answer in his two new podcasts. One podcast stream contains the full videos and the other is an audio version of the same content for easy listening. The new podcasts contain The Elevation Groups most popular and helpful seminars. The podcasts are available on iTunes and will feature new content weekly. - New Elevation Group Podcasts Focus on Investment Strategies of Wealthy

Inside the most recent video release Elevation Group member Del-Metri Williams talks about the important points regarding the way in which she's moved forward and taken immediate and precise action with her favorite lessons. In the new video Elevation Group member Del-Metri Williams states, "Is the government really going to solve the financial crisis? If it's meant to be it's going to be up to you, and if you are looking and wondering if it's worth the investment you really can't afford not to do this. I read alot of financial information.