The Dream As Reel of Movies


Everyday living is a dream, almost nothing is long-lasting. No- matter exists but only in the aspiration. You and the earth are your ideas. There is nothing but assumed.

Everyday living is a aspiration, we contact it Consciousness. The only fact is consciousness. But when the surgeon puts the fuel in your mouth and tells you goodbye you are useless. There is almost nothing - no consciousness, no you, no they.
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All the craziness, all the fear and struggle, all the like and splendor are extinguished. There is no other aspiration when you might be dead, when you are below the knife. No person dreams underneath anesthesia. Your mind is properly peaceful, and you are dead in a complete void. They reduce and burn up your entire body. They continue to keep your heart pumping for the Resurrection, the awakening of the dream.

You were alive, and your world a storm of imagined. Then with a solitary injection you happen to be dead. The earth, for an hour, finishes, and the aspiration is extinguished. There is no require to go beyond this.

The aspiration, your lifetime, is a jogging reel, just one body lost following a further, ideas streaming. So it can by no means be everlasting. You can continue to keep a person frame for a moment, but the equipment driving the ideas via is incessant. The reel of your life rolls on to the flooring, and you - the Observer - see the mound increasing higher at your feet. You can see all the scenes from your lifetime you pick up a frame and appear, reliving the past for a instant, but in this minute you happen to be missing anything that is even now at the moment streaming by the projector. By examining the past you are missing the existing instant, and the present body - Now - speedily turns into Past without the need of you noticing.

You swiftly move your gaze to the huge spool which is feeding the machine. Layer on layer of movie, of scenes from your daily life to appear, thickly amassed. It can be a formidable spool, and you simply cannot see into the layers, but though your gaze is fastened on what not has occur, the present frames become Earlier with no your awareness.