The Different Types of Quad Bikes by Jayden Henry

Although there are different types of quad bikes, they are all of a similar shape, and are driven in the same fashion. Unlike a traditional motorbike, a quad bike has four wheels, offering more stability than their two wheeled rivals. However, like a bike, a rider will straddle the seat of their quad bike, using their hands to accelerate and brake, and turning the handlebars to enable the machine to be steered.All quad bikes have this functionality in common, but there the differences end. Some models are appropriate for use on public roads, while others are purely for an off road setting. Some models are designed for speed, others for utility. Different models are better suited to different age groups, and carry different sized engines. Lets consider these differences in more detail.
Sport vs. Utility
On the whole, quad bikes can loosely fall into one of two categories; sport or utility. Those quads classified within the sport category are commonly used for recreational purposes. They are usually smaller than the utility models, with quick acceleration, two wheel drive and a manual transmission, therefore it is usually these models that can be seen in quad bike races.
Utility quad bikes on the other hand are larger and are more commonly four wheel drive to enable them to tow trailers or other vehicles, as well as to cope with more difficult terrain.
On-Road vs. Off-Road
Traditionally quad bikes were designed for off-road use, helping in agricultural settings with their ability to traverse uneven ground. As their popularity increased, so did the requirement to make these machines road legal to allow owners to drive themselves to their off-road locations.
On-road quad bikes feature the additions that are required by law to make a vehicle road legal, such as mirrors, lights and a horn. These vehicles must also be taxed, insured and have a valid registration number. Both utility and sport quad bikes can be classified as road legal, assuming they meet the specified standards.
As you look at different models of quad bike, you will soon notice that there are different engine sizes. The smallest quad bikes start with engines of around 50cc. More powerful models can feature engines of up to 1,000cc, though an engine size that large is rarely seen except in racing circles.
The different power outputs of the engines are a means to class the suitability of the vehicles for different age groups. On the whole, bikes with an engine larger than 110cc are only suitable for those aged over 16, whereas those between 70 and 110cc are suitable for children between the age of 12 and 16, though only for off-road use. Likewise smaller quad bikes with engines smaller than 70cc can be used for children above the age of 6. href='' - -