The Difference Between SUP Racks and Surfboard Racks

If hitting the waves is one of your favorite past times, chances are you have a favorite board. You might prefer a standup paddle board over a traditional surfboard. No matter what type of board you choose to use when hitting the waves, you need a rack designed to protect and store your board in between in the sun and water. SUP racks and traditional surfboard racks might look similar, but they have a unique design. This means that you need to choose a rack based on the type of board that you own.
These are the biggest differences between SUP racks and surfboard racks:
All racks are not created equally. Youll notice this particularly in - SUP rack - . The biggest difference that you will notice between an SUP rack and surfboard rack is length. - Stand up paddle board racks - are longer than a typical surfboard, which means that the length of a SUP rack needs to be longer as well. Depending on the type of stand up paddle board you own, you might have to buy an even longer SUP rack. You cant fit a stand up paddle board correctly on a traditional surfboard rack, because it just is not long enough.
Size Matters
You might not think that the length of the rack matters, but your board wont stay attached to the rack properly if its not the right size. A traditional surfboard is not long enough to effortlessly fit on a SUP rack. Matching your surfboard and rack to each other is really important.
Not only is a stand up paddle board longer than a traditional surfboard, but it is also wider. This can make surfing easier, but it means you need a specialized SUP rack. This is true for not only the rack that you use to store your board in your garage, but also for the rack that you use to transport your SUP board to and from the water. SUP boards and surfboards might look similar at first glance, but width and length differences are glaring when you take a closer look.
Choose the Right Rack
You need a rack to make the sport of surfing easier, but you need to choose the right surfboard rack. Make sure that you match the rack to the type of board that you own. Both stand up paddle boards and traditional surfboards are great for hitting the waves, but you need just the right rack to make the sport of surfing simpler.