The details of my absence have been grately exaggerated

Yes, I know darn well why I was banned from using my old profile; and I apologise quite sincerely. Hopefully I won't be so reactionary this time.
I have been up all night, hypomania is back, and feel like all my efforts to better my life have gone down the Swanee. Having no job really saps one's energy. Plus, I give too much of my time away.
My gran was admitted to Craigavon Area Hospital fifteen days ago after she fell and hit her head. For the past seven days she has been in a respite ward in Dungannon. I feel that I am juggling too many balls.
Eleven days ago I was sick when driving and when putting my clothes into the washing machine I forgot to take out my smartphone. However I got a Sony Xperia M4 Aqua from a woman selling it on Gumtree - UK equivalent of Craigslist - and I had it sorted out yesterday by a guy who sells mobile phones outside Maghera. I had put the micro SIM into the SD socket. D'oh!
Now I feel that I need to take stock of everything. My expenses are still through the roof. But hopefully we'll have closure on gran's dromant Bank of Ireland account in Monaghan; she now has a PPS number for the South. All I need now is the money released and the remainder - after tax- split evenly between me and my brother. He's becoming a bit of a jerk too - not paying me back money I lent to him until gran returns from hospital.



Glad to see you back x