The Crohn's Chronicles: I've Started Drinking Kale -- Who Am I?

So civilised! Well, tons of wine happened and I don't remember the end of the dinner, midnight, or any of these photos. I captioned this 'I JUST LOVE STREAMERS' on Instagram, which is nice. Suffice to say, it looks like we had a nice time. We woke up on New year's Day feeling like the inside of someone's arsehole and I had flashbacks of being sick. I also found a

load of photos of my phone of Chris with the champagne lid resting on his willy like a little hat. SOBER NYE IT WAS NOT. It was lots of fun though, and has definitely encouraged me to fly headfirst into a new, healthy regime for the new year. There's only so much vomit one person can produce in a year and I don't want 2014 to be my record breaker. So I'm just going to slyly slip in what this post is actually about, having hopefully already got your attention with stories of penises and upchuck. JUICING! Yes! Another post about juicing! But this time, it's for people like me with dodgy, sensitive guts who are maybe looking for a new way to feel a bit more in control of their health and read this destiny and all that. I posted just before Christmas about feeling rubbish again, and how my Crohn's wasn't behaving, and how I was worried about having a miserable Christmas and New Year. As you can see from the above photos, I certainly didn't. And I can partly credit this to juicing. The day after I wrote that post, feeling run down, with cracked corners at my lips, ulcers, fatigue and stinking of desperation, I started reading up on how I could get a vitamin boost. When my stomach is bad, and as anyone with IBS, an IBD or any kind of digestive disorder will know, fruits and vegetables are largely off the menu. Fibre is a big no-no, which people often don't understand, and even an apple can leave us in pain and shaking our fists at the fruit bowl. I was craving them though, wanting that kick to make me start healing. I started reading about juicing -- obviously, when you juice fruits and vegetables, you remove the pulp and fibre, and are left solely with the juicy goodness. That makes ingesting them tolerable for people like me with pathetic digestive systems that can't cope with anything other than about 3 grapes before I'm on the loo for a week. PERFECT! So I borrowed my Mum's juicer, bought a load of bags of vegetables and got cracking. I've been focusing on using iron rich veggies, such as kale, spinach and parsley to help with my anemia and vegetables that are known to soothe the digestive tract, such as carrots and red cabbage. For the compelete The Crohn's Chronicles: I've Started Drinking Kale -- WHO AM I? article including more images or videos, visit