The Buckle, Inc. Reports Corporate Headquarters Undamaged From Storms | Reuters

KEARNEY, NE, May 30 (MARKET WIRE) -- The Buckle, Inc. (NYSE: BKE) announced today that, following the severe stormsthat hit Kearney, Nebraska yesterday, the building that houses the Buckle'scorporate headquarters, distribution center, and online store operations wasundamagedand is operational today. The Company does not anticipate any impact to itsday-to-day operations resulting from the storms.The Kearney airport was hit by a tornado that destroyed one of the Company'shangars as well - - as - - one of its corporate jets. Both the structure and theairplaneare fully insured.The Buckle, Inc. wishes to express its support to all those families andbusinesses impacted by the storm.About BuckleOffering a unique mix of high-quality, on-trend apparel, accessories, andfootwear, Buckle caters to fashion-conscious young men and women. Knownasa denim destination, each store carries a wide selection of fits, styles, andfinishes from leading denim brands, including the Company's exclusive brand,BKE. Headquartered in Kearney, Nebraska, Buckle currently operates 376 retail storesin39 states.-0- href='' - -