The Boy Who Wouldnt Grow: Liberty Sophomore Blake Walkers Battle With Celiac Disease

Rich Winter Vegetable Soup (Gluten-Free)

Gulley have spoken about the leadership Walker provides already as a sophomore. He knows the game beyond his years and his demeanor on the court is a calming presence for everyone else, Gulley said. He doesnt play like a sophomore and last year he didnt really play like a freshman. Hes a vocal leader in the locker room. Despite a strong knowledge of his disease, Walker still has a handful of run-ins with gluten every year. Hes probably had five severe instances in the last year, his mom said. Hes probably missed at least six-to-eight days of school in the last year, but I also think he toughs it out because he cant handle missing anything. Because Walkers case of the disease is severe, consuming gluten can lead to being violently ill for several days and causes a lack of protein absorption for up to a week, according to Blake. When you are a kid who is extremely active and you do get any trace of gluten, it does go back to destroying the lining of the small intestine, Monica Walker said. Thats the hard part with him gaining weight now. If he does get gluten at someones house, it sets him back physically a little bit. Walker was named the starting quarterback for Liberty in the fall and is already a two-year varsity starter as a sophomore in basketball. That level of achievement has him thinking about playing college sports, which will require him to put on significant muscle muscle that his disease makes it difficult to gain. that guy

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I take no medications for any of the many things doctors said I had. At one time, I had maybe 13 or so in my medicine cabinet that I tried with no success. If the memory loss, ataxia, etc. is not a progressive dementia, and you do not have lesions on the brain, etc. I am not sure what taking this drug will do for you, sincethe underlying cause is likely from malabsorption from the celiac. Not only that, but with stage 3 Marsh , I am not sure how the doc thinks this medicine will even get absorbed right now. It's your call, of course. If you think it would help, that's for you and your doctor to determine what to do. Welcome to the forum. Hang in there! 1 "Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is. the full details