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There are rather too many terms such as Green Buildings, Energy Efficient Structures, Sustainable Designs, and Earth Architecture, each with their specific focus like save power and water; minimise wastage; reduce carbon footprints; or emphasise on local natural materials. The simple term eco-friendly suggests we go beyond mere saving of resources, equally well working towards saving nature. Being eco-friendly is doing the least possible harm to nature. It is from this perspective that we need to relook at chemical-based anti-termite treatments available today. Foundation level Anti-termite treatments are done at the foundation level, internal floor level and along the external ground surface. Once the foundation trenches or the column footings are dug out, the liquid is applied to the bottom and sides of the excavated parts. During the floor level, with the earth compacted and before the base concrete for the floor is laid, holes with one inch diameter and up to one ft. depth are created at one ft. Learn more at

Anti-Pesto Now Offers Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Techniques for Its Pest Eradication and Control

Our residential pest control service will eliminate any unwanted pests, including rodents, termites and bed bugs, while our eco-friendly techniques and chemicals ensure everyones safety, including the pets in your home. The companys pest control at Largo follows the most stringent and therefore, useful process that begins with a thorough inspection analysis, with which they determine the extent of the pest control needed and hence suggest the appropriate level and type of treatment. To prevent pests from attacking in the future, they use a protective barrier on the outside of the home. About Anti Pesto Bug Killers, Inc. Since 1988, Anti Pesto Bug Killers , Inc. has been providing quality pest control services to the Tampa, FL area. As a pest control company, Anti Pesto Bug Killers is known for establishing customer trust and satisfaction through their professional, ethical and environmentally responsible approach to pest extermination and control. They are a recognized pest control company in the pest management industry, and take an active role in the development of consumer-oriented laws, regulations and industry standards in pest control services. Learn more at