The Best Whisky Bars of Glasgow in Scotland

for anyone who is focused on this market; examine and / or .The Scotch Whisky Tourism Initiative, otherwise known as ScotlandWhisky has published a map which shows the six best whisky bars in Glasgow, for those who want to sample some of Scotland's most famous drink while visiting the city. Glasgow has always played a vital role in the story of Scottish whisky, and not just as a prime market for the product. Today it is home to the headquarters of three of the leading Scotch whisky companies, and there are two - portones y barandales de herreria - single malt distilleries that are easy to visit from the city: Auchentoshan.and Glengoyne.What Makes a Glasgow Whisky Bar?Each of the bars on the Glasgow whisky trail not only has a great selection of whiskies, including single malts, blends and rare bottles, they also have a staff who have been specially trained to really know their whisky. Drinking in these top whisky - - pubs will be an education as well as a pleasure.*ScotlandWhisky's selection of Glasgow's best whisky bars are:*Ben Nevis Whisky Bar1147 Argyle StreetTo the south of Kelvingrove Park, the Ben Nevis has about 200 whiskies to sample, and also offers live traditional music. It's not as well-known as some of the other bars as it was only opened in 1999 and so doesn't offer years of history to offer, but it has quickly become one of the city's best bars.Bon Accord Whisky Bar153 North StreetRight by Charing Cross station the Bon Accord has won many awards over the years, not only for its whisky but also its beers and simply for being one of - puertas y ventanas de aluminio - the best pubs in the West of Scotland. As well as its range of 250 whiskies, it also has a restaurant specialising in Scottish food and open seven days a week.The Lismore Whisky Bar206 Dumbarton RoadThe Lismore has also won awards as Whisky Bar of the Year and has over 150 malt whiskies on its shelves. It's next to the Kelvinhall subway station and has distinctive and beautiful stained glass windows.Oran Mor Whisky BarTop of Byers RoadIn the heart of Glasgow's West End and just north of the University of Glasgow, the Oran Mor's Whisky Bar has 250 malts that are all on display. There's a new 'malt of the month' every month, and staff will help customers match whisky to the food in the Oran Mor's restaurant and brasserie.Pot Still Whisky Bar154 Hope StreetWith over 500 whiskies to choose from, many awards as Whisky bar of the Year, and a history going back to 1835, the Pot Still has to be on any Glasgow visitor's whisky tour. It's a few blocks north of Glasgow Central Station.Uisge Beatha Whisky Bar232-246 Woodlands RoadAlso in the West End the Uisge Beatha is a traditional Glasgow pub but one with an extra-fine selection of whiskies. There are about 120 to choose from, the most expensive being a 1948 Glenlivet, costing 40 a nip while it lasts.*Download the Whisky Bars of Glasgow Map*