The Best Web Hosting Service - Three Vital Questions

If you need your web site to be online, you need a web hosting service to host your site. The servers used by them need an operating system (OS) to run. The two most widely used OS for web servers are Linux and windows. So which is the best? Linux based or windows based. You can't decide on this issue by comparing your PC's OS performance or user-friendly advantages. The OS used in your PC has nothing to do with OS used by web hosts. So just because of using user friendly windows in your personal computers, you can't say it will do well for hosting your website too. The functions of PC's operating system are entirely different from those of servers to host your websites. So if you are using windows running desktop PC, it's not compulsory to have your web hosting in it too.
For any beginner who has no idea and knowledge with hosting, starting out with a cheap web hosting package could be a excellent idea because you may use it as a knowledge to use a hosting. Then the next step can be a shared host as your website extend. Most importantly, users must learn to using the cpanel in order to take full advantage from the resources that may be given to them. If you don't know how you can use the resources, then it will be useless to have a best hosting plans because you will not find a way to do it anyway.
After you have decided on - and subsequently registered - your domain name, the next big task is for you to find a host server to which your domain name will be pointing to.
OK; you are probably thinking that you will never need most of that. However, without using all these and probably several other tools you will never make the big time. In fact you will probably never get started in making money online because without these tools you will not be able to compete with other marketers to get people to view your web pages.
A lot of Bandwidth - When you are first starting out, it may not be that big of deal, but when you are seasoned webmaster, you are going to want as much as bandwidth as you can get your hands on. Many shared hosting accounts offer unlimited bandwidth when you open an account with them.
Don't go by the face value of the hosts' testimonials. You must talk to their clients and if they are reluctant to release the names of their customers then you would be better off looking for a different - cheap web hosting - .
Fist thing is a disk space and bandwidth. This is really your choice. Don't select the company which provides more disk space and more bandwidth. Now a days, computer hardware and internet connections are very cheap. So many hosting companies can give you a good deal with disk space and bandwidth. You should first decide your requirements and should check that which hosting company is providing your requirement at the cheapest rate with other benefits also. It might happen that the hosting company providing more disk space and bandwidth is not reliable or not good in support.
It's worth your time to check up on any web hosting company before buying. If you can't get through to your hosting company for small changes, you may waste needless hours on the phone. If your site is down frequently, you'll lose money because your site in unavailable. Follow these steps, and you won't regret your hosting choice.