The Best Options for Treating Your Acne Scars

It's not fun having acne, and it's even worse when you can't eliminate the resultant scarring. Not all acne results in scarring, but certain types do and this can be very upsetting. Different types of acne scars respond to different treatment methods. Some will need to have surgical intervention and others may be less severe and can be gotten rid of with over-the-counter remedies that you buy at the pharmacy, or even by applying natural treatments. Our focus in this report is to make you aware of a few of the different treatment approaches you can choose from for removing your acne scarring.
It's common knowledge that before you can have a surgical procedure for removing your acne scars, you have to be free from a current bout of acne. It's important not to confuse the two different methods for treating acne. One type of treatment techniques are for acne scars and the other techniques are for active acne cases. Some of the procedures used to eliminate acne scarring can also be used successfully for fresh acne outbreaks; however, the treatment itself will be different in each case. So, before you do anything about your scars, you have to get rid of your active acne. If you need help clearing up your current acne, and you don't know of a treatment that has worked for you before, make an appointment with your dermatologist. Home microdermabrasion kits are now readily available so you can gently remove the outer layer of your skin, including superficial scarring. If you visit a plastic surgeon for a dermabrasion treatment, the home microdermabrasion technique is similar to what you would experience. However, the home version is less aggressive and you are able to do it at home. Doing dermabrasion at home, without going to a plastic surgeon, is obviously easier and cheaper. It's definitely something to consider. A hand-held machine gently removes the outer layer of your skin and, as a result, healthier skin is exposed and encouraged. Aside from removing acne scars, this can make your skin look smoother and younger. Your first impression might be that this sounds harsh, but it is gentle, easy to do, and painless. However, it may not work on deeper acne scars, as it's aimed at the outer layer of your skin.
A lot of natural remedies exist that are known to help heal acne scars and are easy to find. One very effective natural healing agent is Aloe Vera, which comes from the leaves of a cactus plant. This product - which can be bought as a gel or a liquid - is a very effective for treating acne scarring. If you don't buy an actual plant, buy the pure gel or juice that has no other additives. Don't simply use another product that has a little bit of Aloe Vera in its ingredient list. Acne scars also respond to another household staple - fresh lemon juice. Try applying it to your skin once in the morning and once in the evening for fifteen minutes. Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca alternifolia) - native to Australia - is a well-respected antiseptic product that is 100 times stronger than carbolic acid. It is used for a number of conditions, one of which is healing acne and acne scars.
Acne scarring is very disconcerting, no doubt, but don't give up hope and think it's the end of the world. Once you know which type of scarring you have, you will be better able to determine the best treatment method for yourself out of the many options available. Are you still conflicted and not sure which treatment approach is best for you? Make an appointment to discuss the matter with your health care provider or dermatologist. It may seem like you will have to live with your acne scars forever, but that's not the attitude you should take.
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