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E-mail Address Send to a Friend NEW YORK, Jan. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/, quickly becoming a trusted source for electronic cigarette ratings and information, has recently given the title of "Best Tasting Menthol E-Cigarette" to Clearette for their brand of menthol e-cigs.A Offering an exclusive range of e-cig reviews from unbiased sources, rates each product by performance, quality, technical advances, price and features. Other menthol e-cigs like Blu and NJoy that were polled by users of were found to be harsher, had a "funny chemical after-taste", and were drying to the throat.A As per our review of the Clearette E-Cig product line, we found they come in six different flavors or strengths, ranging from Traditional, Bold, Light, Menthol, Menthol Bold, and Zero (no nicotine).A Clearette users have stated that their E-Hookah line "floods the palate with intense taste" with flavors ranging from Fruit Mix, Green Apple, Mango, Grape, and Strawberry. Clearette fell short in brand awareness, being relatively new to the national marketplace and not having the corporate backing that companies like Blu enjoy from Lorillard.A With battery life and taste being the highest weighted factor for consumer repurchases, Clearette led the polls where it counts. Quench your Nicotine Urge in a Safer, Convenient Means with the V2 Electric cigarette, LEARN MORE AT: Gives Clearette E-Cigarettes "Best Tasting Menthol E-Cigarette" Award of the Year

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Electronic Cigarette Inc Racing Ahead to the Best E Cigarette Tag with Storm

Even before this, Electronic Cigarette Inc which is going strong in the pursuit of becoming the best electronic cigarette 2014 has come with loaded electronic cigarette starter kits like Vapor King and Vapor Rebellion which also grasped the attention of many buyers who reviewed these kits to be the best electronic cigarette kits. Best Electronic Cigarette Brands To Watch Out For, Check Here The marketing trends are being set and followed by Electronic Cigarette Inc and this New Year the brand is strongly focusing on making it a win-win situation for both the user and themselves. The sale and demand of electronic cigarette has increased which has made brand owners all the more alert as top guns of the niche like Electronic Cigarette Inc battle it out in the competitive market. For more information on this, visit About DigitalSmoke.Org DigitalSmoke.Org is a leading electronic cigarette review website that aims to inform e cigarette smokers about the best e cigarette products available, based on the reviews that are conducted in an unbiased manner that does not favor any manufacturer and distributor. Existing codes: Save with v2 cigarettes coupon October 2013., LEARN MORE AT: