the best birthday i've ever had! :) thank you! thank you! :) Happy birthday smiles! :)

THANK YOU!!! :) oh my! :) i had the best birthday that i've ever had!!! :) WOW! WOW! WOW!!! :)
i had, such a wonderfully sweet, super fun, and amazing birthday yesterday. :) i had 2 birthday party's!!! :) The party's went well into the night!!! :) from sunrise, to midnight, i was celebrating!!! :) It was a day filled with joy, happiness, peace, excitement, surprises aplenty, and it continues today too! :) DS birthday party, pizza party, we even had a Nintendo wii bowling party! :) we were bowling and bowling well into the night, we even had my dad and mom bowling!!! :) This was AMAZING!!! :) i want to take this time, to thank my wonderful family, friends, everyone, for making my 29th birthday, the best birthday i have ever had. :) Your lovely happy birthday wishes, warms my heart, and touches my heart in many wonderful ways, and makes me smile. :) You all were with me in spirit, all day yesterday. :) i thought of you all often. :) i was savoring each and every moment, taking in all of the wonderfully fun, exciting, wholesome, and sweet moments. :) i am so very extremely happy, thankful, and blessed, to have the amazing opportunity, to celebrate my birthday with everyone. :) i can only hope, my writings here, can truly make everyone feel the great joy, happiness, peace, and wonderful excitement i felt all day yesterday, and i continue to feel it today. :) my birthday, was magical, and such a wonderfully sweet fun time. :) It's a birthday, that i will always, and forever remember. :)
You all made my birthday, so very extremely special. :) i was so very hyped up last night, so very extremely excited, i stayed up late. :) my birthday party i had last evening, lasted until after 10pm. :) i had so much fun, and had the time of my life, celebrating my birthday with my wonderful family, and wonderful family of friends, all around the world. :) You all made my birthday, so very extremely special. :) i have so much to share! :) oh my! :) this was a sweet rocking, and rolling birthday party!!! :) i'm re-living the day today, and the excitement within, will surely last for a very long time. :) i first want to take this time, and opportunity, to thank you all so very much, for all of your wonderfully heart warming, and heart touching happy birthday wishes. :) comments, hugs, messages, texts, phone calls, emails, ecards. :) i am on still on sweet birthday cloud 9, even cloud 12! :) hehe! :) i am so very tickled happy!!! :) it was a day, of dreams, and wishes coming true. :) on my birthday yesterday, i got to bowl with my dad! :) oh my! :) i gotta say it again! :) i got to bowl, with my dad! :) a dream of mine, came true last night, my dad and i teamed up, for the bowling competition! :) we rocked it!!! :) my sisters Jenn and Lisa though, really rocked it!!! by winning lots and lots of games, and even my mom and Kayla, won a game too! :) This was so very extremely special!!! :)
You all were with us in spirit, the entire day. :) yesterday morning, and afternoon, i had a very special DS birthday party. :) i opened all of my wonderful gifts, treasures, goodies, presents, and cards. :) i want to take this time, to thank personally, everyone who sent me a happy birthday note here on DS, on my emails, and also thank you to everyone who sent me happy birthday packages, and envelopes in the mail. :) i am going to be sending each and every one of you, a nice hug here on DS, an email, and also, for all of my friends who sent me packages, and envelopes, i am going to personally write a thank you card, to each and every one of you. :) Everyone made my birthday, so very incredible. :) i still feel like it's my birthday!!! :) yesterday i recieved such wonderfully heart warming, and heart touching gifts, presents, goodies, treasures, from family and friends, from all over the world. :) i have taken pictures of all of the treasures, and in my journal today, will be including the pictures, along with many other pictures too. :)
i so very much, wanted to upload the pictures on my page yesterday afternoon, but i knew, with it being my birthday week, i'd have plenty of chances to upload pictures today, and even tomorrow too. :) i called many friends yesterday to talk with them on the phone, to thank them for the lovely gifts they sent me. :) i recieved such lovely treasures. :) i am so very extremely tickled happy about each treasure. :) from cards, to candies, to angel pins, and coins, to gardening supplies, decoratives, recipe books and calendars, games, money, gift cards. :) You all went above and beyond for me, and sent me such lovely treasures. :) Everyone is so very wonderfully nice, sweet, kind, thoughtful, and generous. :) i am already looking forward to setting up my writing areas here in my computer room, and doing some writing. :) i want to write everyone a very special card. :) You all made my birthday, a day, and week of dreams and wishes come true. :) i enjoyed so very much yesterday, celebrating my birthday with everyone. :) Kayla and Taylynn were right there, as i opened up all of my envelopes, and packages. :) You all poured your love into each and every package and envelope. :) many many thanks. :) i love you all so very very much, and i deeply appreciate your wonderful kindness, and generousity, with all of my heart. :)
yesterday afternoon, it was nearing 4:30pm, and we were getting ready to have birthday party here at our house. :) The whole day, felt like a birthday party celebration. :) i truely celebrated my birthday to the fullest. :) WOW! WOW! WOW! :) This was, incredible!!! :) i have a very special shoutout, and thank you, to everyone. :) my family, my friends. :) You all put together such a wonderful birthday celebration. :) my lovely mom, she put together lots of things for my birthday. :) i gave her a hug last night, and thanked her. :) WOW! :) She's my super mom! :) my brother's Bobby and his family, and my brother Charlie and his girlfriend Sharon came over. :) We were all gathered in our living room, it was just before 5pm. :) Everyone was wishing me a happy birthday. :) awww! :) my little nieces Kayla, Taylynn, and Katie were having lots of fun playing. :) my mom had ordered some pizza earlier from Voc's pizza place here in our city. :) The party was just beginning. :) a sweet tradition my family and i have, is we open our presents, while we're waiting for the pizza. :)
i recieved many wonderful presents, and gifts from my family. :) i recieved lovely cards, a new digital camera, dvds!!! :) ghost hunters season 5 part 1, oh my! :) i also recieved scrubs, seasons 3 and 4,  oh my! :) ghost adventures season 1. :) DVD nights are on!!! :) i also recieved a lovely candle, box of chocolates, and $20 gift card from my lovely grandma. :) my mom called her last evening, and i talked with my grandma on the phone, and thanked her so much. :) it was so very nice talking with my grandma on the phone. :) Kayla wrote on gift box, she wrote, "the world's best uncle!" :) awww! :) She colored a sweet design on one of the lovely easter bunny art and crafts that our lovely friends Cj (ddeadred) and her family sent her. :) Kayla gave me a $1 too! :) awww! :) i recieved $171 from my family, and also recieved some gift cards to walmart, and a $25 gift card. :) i gonna do some shopping! :) awww! :) i also recieved a 2000 points card for the nintendo wii, to download classic games! :) i recieved some goodies, snacks, beef jerky. :) Jenn gave me a card, and a tomato topsey turvey grow kit. :) it's so very nice of her. :) Earlier in the day, Jenn gave me these lovely Gerber daisies flowers. :) they are such delightful flowers. :) We'll definitely be planting them in our gardens this spring. :)
my lovely ds mum (bloss) and her family sent me this super cool balloon kit. :) Kayla and i put the kit together last evening, the balloon is awesome!!! :) We were enjoying the birthday party so very much. :) We were having so much fun. :) You all were with us in spirit. :) i recieved a jacket from Charlie and Sharon, and Bobby, Julie, Robby, and Katie gave me a card, and $20. :) Lisa, Kayla, Doug, Taylynn, and Alyssa gave me, some snacks, a cute, and adorable stuffed animal bunny. :) they also gave me $50. :) awww! :) my dad gave me some snacks, some gardening gloves with Rose design on them. :) i got 2 pairs of gloves yesterday, from my dad, and our lovely friends Nisa (Stix24) and her family. :) i am so excited about using all of my wonderful gardening supplies. :) yesterday i was talking with our lovely friend Cj (ddeadred) on the phone. :) She and her family sent me this beautiful gardening welcome sign, i mentioned how i'd love to put the sign in my favorite gardening area, right next to our gardening knome. :) The sunflower seeds and vegetable seeds and marigold seeds that Jennay (listless), Nisa (stix24),  Daryl (vietnam2nd) and their family's sent me, we'll be planting in our gardens soon. :) i recieved many wonderful gardening treasures. :)
Kayla and i can't wait to wear our new baking friday aprons, that our lovely friends Cj (ddeadred), her mom, and family sent us. :) Cj's mum sewn us these lovely aprons. :) they are so delightful. :) we recieved lovely cookbooks, and also recipes calendars. :) baking supplies, from our lovely friends Jennay (listless), Tom, Clarke, grandma Jo, and family. :) many wonderful baking supplies, that we will use for many weeks, months, and years to come. :) You all are so very nice, and sweet. :) along with my wonderful treasures, i also recieved some yummy treasures too. :) Nisa, mum, Jennay, Carolyn (Cypher), and their family's sent us some delicious treats. :) i love candies!!! :) i gonna share with my family. :) my mom and dad bought us all pizza, and lovely happy birthday cakes. :) i recieved 4 birthday cakes!!! :) after we enjoyed nice dinner, i had my favorite, pepperoni, with black olives pizza, we had some cake. :) i made 3 wishes! :) i blew out my candles. :) We were all hanging out at our house, enjoying the birthday party. :)
my brother Bobby, and his family were getting ready to go home, we all went outside, and thanked them again for everything. :) We were all gathering in living room a little while later. :) my sisters Jenn and Lisa, mentioned having a bowling party, for the nintendo wii. :) OH MY!!!! :) This was AMAZING!!! :) We all were gathering around, Lisa and Doug hooked up their nintendo wii in our living room. :) we were all gonna play for dollars!!! :) my mom, dad, Lisa, Doug, Jenn, Charlie, Sharon, Alyssa, and i were all joining eachother on teams, we drew names to see who would be on eachother's team. :) guess who i was on team with? MY DAD!!! :) oh my! :) we were gonna bowl together as a team! :) my dad is a bowling legend to me. :) i remember seeing him bowling when i was a kid. :) i always wondered if i had some of his bowling talent with me. :) last night, i got to show my dad, and family, i can really bowl! :) hehe! :) The Teams were, my dad and i. :) team 2, Jenn and Lisa. :) Team 3, was Doug, Kayla, my mom, and Alyssa, and Team 4 was, Charlie, and Sharon. :)
We were bowling for dollars. :) $1 per game. :) the pool was up to $8. :) my dad was warming up, it was his first time playing the nintendo wii. :) he got 2 straight spares on his first 2 tries! :) SWEET!!! :) i proudly said, "he's on my team!" :) hehe! :) We began to bowl. :) we were having so much fun, you all were with us in spirit. :) my dad and i were doing really well, we got a big lead in the first game, and held on for the win!!! :) We won $8. :) AWESOME!!! :) We split the $8. :) it was a dream, and wish come true, bowling with my dad, on his team, and giving him high fives after strikes, and spares! :) this was so very wonderful. :) We began the 2nd game. :) Jenn and Lisa won! :) we then bowled again! :) Kayla was throwing lots of strikes! :) my mom did great too! :) She was getting strikes!!! :) We all were cheering and cheering, my mom and Jenn were taking pictures. :) We were clapping. :) it was a nintendo wii bowling birthday party!!! :) Jenn and Lisa won a 2nd straight game! :) they were racking up the dollars! :) hehe! :) we all took a little break, and came back for another game. :) it was awesome!!! :)
Kayla, Doug, my mom, and Alyssa won a game, and we played again. :) The next game, came down to the final frame. :) i got a strike, and needed a spare to win, and got 9 pins, and we were tied with Lisa and Jenn, at 169 pins apiece. :) We then had a competition in the practice to see who could get the most pins for the huge pin falls, and Lisa and Jenn won, 464 to 406. :) it was so much fun! :) We bowled a couple more games. :) This was so much fun! :) Jenn and Lisa ended up winning about $10 each! :) hehe! :) it was so much fun, we enjoyed the nintendo wii bowling party so very much. :) i called our lovely friend Deb (Stardust) last night. :) it was after 11pm, we enjoyed a great talk. :) i was so hyped up!!! :) i told her about my birthday party, and nintendo wii party. :) Deb and her family and friends have nintendo wii party's too. :) i was so excited!!! i didn't think i was gonna be able to fall asleep, hehe! i was so very excited about the day's events. :) my mom wished me a happy birthday again, at 11:59pm. :) i celebrated my birthday with my family and friends, to the fullest, from sunrise, to midnight!!! :) It was such a magical day yesterday. :) my mom and sister Jenn were taking some pictures during the nintendo wii bowling competition. :) i gonna ask Jenn if she can email the pictures to me, and i'll share them with everyone here on DS. :)
Last night, my family wished me a happy birthday again, and i thanked everyone, so very much. :) Lots of great memories, very sweet special memories made, to always cherish, and treasure. :) it was a birthday to remember! :) March 22nd, 2010. :) my 29th birthday. :) WE ROCKED IT!!! :) i want to take this time again, to thank everyone so very much, for making my birthday, so very extremely special. :) BIG GROUP HUG, and lots and lots of happy birthday smiles. :)
The DS birthday party continues!!! :) oh my! :) oh boy!!! :) i am so very happy and excited!!! :) You all are so very wonderful! :) i'm having so much fun, and having the time of my life, celebrating my birthday with everyone. :) i gonna celebrate my birthday all week! :) hehe! :) i love it!!! :) this is such a wonderful time of the year, it's my favorite time of the year. :) i recieved wonderfully heart warming and very special happy birthday treasures in the mail today, from our lovely friends Lori (Keepholdingon), Audrey (MaxiS) and their family's. :) awww! :) Lori sent a lovely happy birthday card, and Audrey sent a lovely happy birthday card. :) awww! :) i love my birthday cards so much! :) later on this week, i want to take a picture of all of my wonderful birthday cards together. :) Audrey and her family also sent me, a happy birthday collectible tag. :) i love these very special happy birthday treasures. :) Lori, Audrey, family's, thank you so very much, for these lovely happy birthday treasures. :) i deeply appreciate everything, with all of my heart. :) i love you all bunches and bunches! :) i'm enjoying my 29th birthday so very much! :) Happy birthday smiles! :)
NEW DIGITAL CAMERA!!! :) my mom and dad bought me a new digital camera for my birthday! :) it's a sanyo camera, and has 12.1 mega pixels. :) it's the new model Sanyo camera. :) i am so very happy, delighted, and thrilled! :) i'm learning how to use my new camera. :) it's very similar to my other cameras :) my new digital camera TALKS!!! :) oh my! it talks!!! hehe! :) this is sweet!!! :) i've been checking out the camera, and i took a few pictures with it, it's so nice, getting to try out new things. :) i love my new digital camera. :) It's got all kinds of sweet new features! :) i was taking a look at the manual, it's got features like, for taking pictures at night time, of the sky/stars/moon, and also fireworks! :) It's really neat, to see all of the features on the camera. :) i already can't wait to take some pictures of our flowers, and pictures of the sky, using my new camera. :) i'm getting use too my new camera, it's so cool, and awesome!!! :) it came with a wrist strap, USB cable, software, and rechargeable battery. :) i'm so very extremely happy to have new camera. :) i gonna have so much fun, trying the camera with many different features. :) i love to take pictures. :) my new camera and i will have lots and lots of sweet nature adventures!!! :)
LOTS and LOTS of pictures! :) awww! :) i have many pictures to share with everyone, from my birthday. :) i am so very happy, and excited!!! :) i wanted to share with everyone about camera issue i had yesterday. oh my! around late morning, when we were taking pictures, something happened to my memory card. i noticed one of the pictures came out half an inch, the other half was blank, and my camera then said, "no file data" oh my! i thought i had fixed my camera, and it was working very well again. :) i took lots more pictures, and i noticed yesterday afternoon, when trying to upload pictures, all of the pictures i took after the picture that came up half blank, weren't uploading. oh my! oh my! oh my! i was so worried, and thought i'd try again today, and this morning i tried, and those same pictures, weren't uploading. so i got a sweet idea, that worked. :) This is AWESOME!!! :) i was ready and prepared to re-take all of the pictures i could, but the idea i came up with, worked very well. :) The pictures did download to my computer, from my memory card. :) what i did was, i went to my yahoo email, and i uploaded the pictures to my email, and they downloaded, and i sent myself the email, to my email, and i then re-downloaded those pictures, and re-sized them to original size, and i got all of the pictures in new file, which are uploading fine. :) i'm not sure what happened to the first set of pictures, i think it may be my memory card. there was piece of plastic on my memory card that was broke. i think i need a new memory card. :) i am so very happy, and thankful that the pictures i took yesterday, are alright, and i have them all set, and ready to share. :) i been uploading pictures today on my page, i have many for my journal too. :)
THE CELEBRATIONS CONTINUES!!! :) awww! :) We're enjoying a wonderful day! :) It still feels like my birthday! :) hehe! :) i love it!!! :) We're so very happy, thankful, and blessed to have the amazing opportunity, to experience amazing days, and times like this, celebrating in all of the great fun moments with everyone. :) i used my new digital camera today. :) i took a few new pictures with it. :) it's sweet!!! :) i'm learning really fast, how to use the camera. :) Later on this week, i'm going to put all of my wonderful happy birthday gifts, and treasures together, and will take a picture to share with everyone, and i also want to take a picture of all of my happy birthday cards. :) i smiling and smiling, already thinking about how i'll get to put my lovely birthday cards, all around my computer room. :) i saved some momentos from my birthday. :) i saved my candles (29), and i also saved some wrapping paper, blue ribbon, and bows. :) i also save my balloon's each year too. :) i put my ribbons up on my treasures shelve. :) i love moments like that, and all of my wonderful treasures, sweet memories, will always remind me of my 29th birthday. :)
i have a very special shoutout, and thank you to our lovely friend Claudia (Kittykat13) :) yesterday morning, she called me, and she sang happy birthday to me on the phone! :) awww! :) She did the same thing for my mom too! :) You all went above, and beyond for me, and made my very special day, so very extremely special. :) i continuing to celebrate my birthday. :) it's my birthday week. :) my sister Lisa treated me to a pumpkin spiced iced coffee today at tim horton's. :) awww! :) it's delicious! :) CHEERS!!! :) to family, friends, to sweet fun times, and to celebrating life! :) Thank you Lisa, so very much. :) i've been enjoying my iced coffee, and enjoying some nice quality time online writing to friends. :) i having so much fun, writing thank you notes to my friends online, and very soon, i want to take some time to set up my writing area, and will be writing thank you cards to everyone. :) i emailed our lovely friends Arlene, Holly, and their family's today to thank them for the gifts they sent me. :)
i enjoyed a wonderful nature walk this morning, even though it's a bit rainy outside, the bluejays spotted me putting peanuts, and bird seeds around our yard. :) awww! :) Today for lunch, i enjoyed some homemade baked lasagna! :) it's so delicious!!! :) i talked with my mom, we're gonna continue to wind down from the big celebrations, and tomorrow, we're gonna stay home, but on friday, we're gonna go to the post office. :) i'm so excited about mailing a happy birthday goodies/treasures package to my lovely ds mum (bloss) :) i'm feeling such a wonderful joy, happiness, peace, relaxation, energy, and excitement within, enjoying celebrating each day to the fullest, with my wonderful family and wonderful friends. :) BIG GROUP HUG! :) yesterday morning i discovered some tulip stems growing in our garden!!! :) our tulips will be blossoming so very beautifully, very soon. :) my family and i have 2 very special happy birthday shoutouts, for our lovely friends Sharon's (Rocky7) daughter, her birthday was yesterday, and our lovely friend's Nisa's (Stix24) sister's birthday is tomorrow. :) Sharon's daughter, and Nisa's sister, we hope you all are enjoying a wonderfully happy birthday. :) There's so many great things to look forward too. :) i'm gonna treat myself to a dvd night tonight. :) i love my new dvds. :) i think i'll begin to watch season 3 episodes of "Scrubs" :) Thank you again everyone, so very much, for everything. :) my family and i deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :)
Thank you family and friends, for making my 29th birthday, the most wonderful birthday i've ever had. :)
We love you all, very much, and we care about you all. We think of you all every day. You all are so very loving, caring, and supportive, and you all are so very sweet, kind, and thoughtful. :) Thank you everyone, so very much for everything! All your kind words, support, well wishes, advice, positive vibes, encouragement, guidance, keeping me balanced, hugs, comments, messages, texts, treasures, everything! we appreciate everything, with all of hearts, spirits, and souls. :) You all are in our hearts, always, and forever. we adore you all, and i cherish, and treasure our friendships, with all of our hearts :) You all help uplift us, and keep us in good spirits every day, giving us strength, and hope. Thank you, so very much. :) You all give us wonderful guidance, and help guide us through the experiences. :) our ds angels :) You all will always have a very special place in our hearts. :) You all inspire us, giving us hope, and strength, keeping me strong, focused, determined, and motivated, to work hard toward achieving our goals, and fulfilling my dreams. :)
my family and i hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful day. :) god bless. You all are in our thoughts and prayers. :)
my mom says hi. :) She says, "i hope everyone had a good day" :) awww! :)  thank you mom so very much! :) we love you lots and lots mom! :)  Thank you, so very much, for everything! :) take very good care. stay safe everyone. :) Kayla says hi to everyone. :) She says, you all are very nice. :) awww! :) We hope everyone is well. :) We thank you all, for everything. :) my mom and i want everyone to know, we'll always be here for you all. :) i tell my mom and family your wonderful messages. Thank you so very much, for being a very special part of our lives. :)
stay strong angels, think positive, keep determined, motivated, focused, and lets continue to move forward together, one positive step at a time. :)
my family and i send our love, warm friendship wishes, and caring thoughts :) We think of you all, often. :) We wish everyone, great health, happiness, peace, and smiles surrounded by sweet blue sky, and sunshine :)
much love and big warm sunny sunflower hugs for everyone here from Connecticut! :)
"Together we are united from one side of the world to the other and have made such great friendship from the love and encouragement our highs and lows triumphs and tragedies but we can stand tall as you and i have realy achieved so much from our friendship our encouragement and your inspirational journey for 2007 that has just touched my heart so much as i took that journey in 1987 and like you i fought hard and won!Stay positive Love mum xoxoxoxoxoxoxo"- my lovely ds mum (bloss) :)
"Live for the moment i say and will say forever, you will always be you and you'll end up where you want to be when it's time."- our dear angel friend Jeremy Olearnick :)
"live for tomorrow. yesterday is gone and we cannot change what we did yesterday, but we can look forward to a bright and happy tomorrow" - my lovely ds mum (bloss) :)
"i'm a completely different person now. Ready to take on the world, instead of hiding from it. i'm ready to live! oh my!" :) -Dee (DeeKorn13) :)
"in the garden, my soul is the sunshine." :)
"sunflower, i support you as you bend, you support me as you make me smile, you and i stand strong together, even if it takes a while. from seed, to sprout, to beginning your journey rising tall. i know that we have eachother, we will never fall." :)
"true peace comes from above. It's like the sound of falling snow" :)
"where there's a sunflower, there's a smile" :)
i'm so very thankful and blessed with many wonderful things in my life. :)
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ocean, seeing the water when the sun is shining on it creating a sparkle, super wednesday post office adventures, the fresh crisp winter air during late winter where it feels like Spring is coming, new experiences, social interaction, sunny sunday mornings, indoors gardening, wonderful simple pleasures, great shopping experiences, making eye contact, enjoying shopping, walking outside on a sweet blue sky, and sunny day, and breathing in the fresh air, and thinking, "i am so very happy to be here! to have the chance to experience life", and smiling! :)
Enjoy the simple pleasures in life. They truely are, simply wonderful! :)
-never lose hope
Celebrating my birthday! :) i'm having so much fun, and having the time of my life, celebrating my 29th birthday, with my wonderful family and wonderful family of friends. :) Happy birthday smiles. :) my 29th birthday, is the best birthday i've ever had! :)

my birthday cakes!!! :) awww! :) this is so very wonderful! :) my mom and dad bought an ice cream cake for me, and a basketball themed cake. :) i love it!!! :) i am enjoying a wonderful 29th birthday celebration. :) Thank you everyone, so very much! :) This is the best birthday i've ever had!!! :)


my sister Jenn bought some happy birthday flowers for me! :) oh my! :) they are beautiful Gerber daisies! :) i love my flowers. :) there's another blossom getting ready to open up, and to smile and smile! :) awww! :) i gonna plant my daisies in our gardens this spring. :) lots of happy birthday flower smiles :)

my birthday balloons!!! :) my mom and sister Jenn got some birthday balloons for me!!! :) awww! :) i love balloons! :) i save my balloons each year. :)

my mom put all of my gifts on the birthday table. :) a sweet birthday tradition. :)

Kayla gave  me some Easter goodies/treasures. :) awww! :) She wanted me to open her gifts first! :) awww! :) She wrote, "the best uncle ever" on package for me. :) She gave me some candies, a cute, and adorable Easter bunny, and Easter decoratives, gems, a happy birthday card, and a toy car! :) awww! :) Thank you Kayla, so very much! :)

i recieved wonderful gifts, and presents from my family. :) i am so very happy and excited!!! :)
my mom and dad bought seasons 3 and 4 of "Scrubs", Ghost hunters season 5, part 1, a scary movie called "trick or treat", and also gave me Ghost adventures season 1" :) DVD nights are on!!! :) a very special thank you to my wonderful family for all of the wonderful treasures they gave me. :)

my dad gave me some gardening gloves, with rose design on them, a gardening digger, and my brother Charlie and his girlfriend Sharon gave me a new jacket! :)

goodies! goodies! :) mmm mmm! :) my family gave me some yummy goodies. :) i love snacking!!! :) movie days/nights snacks!!! :)

my new digital camera!!! :) my mom and dad gave me a new Digital camera for my birthday. :) i am so very tickled happy!!! :) it's a Sanyo VPC-X1200 digital camera. :) i've already began to take some pictures with it. :) i love my new camera. :) my new camera will join me for many sweet nature adventures. :)

my lovely grandma gave me a delightful candle, and my sister Jenn gave me a topsey turvey tomato growing kit! :)

DS BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! :) oh my! :) it's a sweet celebration!!! :) the birthday party is rocking and rolling!!! :) i'm having so much fun, and having the time of my life, celebrating my birthday with everyone. :) this is a sweet birthday, i will always and forever remember. :) WOW! WOW! WOW! :) This is SUPER MEGA SWEET AWESOME!!! :) i had so much fun, opening all of my wonderful gifts, goodies, presents, and treasures from family and friends, from all over the world! :) i am on sweet happy birthday cloud 9! :) hehe! :) i want to take this time, to thank you all so very much, for all of the wonderful gifts. :) oh my! :) this is so very wonderful! :) You all were right there with me in spirit, as i opened each envelope, and card. :) Thank you all so very much! :) i had lots of pictures taken of me while i was opening the wonderful envelopes and packages, and i took lots of pictures of the goodies and treasures. :) lots of love, and happy birthday wishes, from all over the world! :)
Thank you so very much Cj (ddeadred), Guy, Cj's mom, and family! :)

Thank you so very much Katey (nixfix) and family! :)

Thank you so very much Emma (ZenEm) and family! :)

Thank you so very much Nisa (stix24), and family! :)

Thank you so very much Arlene, Alan, Adam, doglets, and family! :)

Thank you so very much, Claudia (KittyKat13), Mike, Bethie, and family! :)

Thank you so very much Barbara (grace90), Bob, and family! :)

Thank you so very much Carol (mycat), and family! :)

Thank you so very much Lesa, Hope, and family! :)

Thank you so very much Gaye (lacrossemom), and family! :)

Thank you so very much Carolyn (Cypher), and family! :)

Thank you so very much Linda (butterfly888) and family! :)

Thank you so very much Deb (Stardust), Brz, Lanie, and family! :)

Thank you so very much Jennay (listless), Tom, Clarke, grandma Jo, and family! :)

Thank you so very much Jean (bamamama1), Karley, Jeff, and family! :)

Thank you so very much Julie, mum (bloss), and family! :)


Thank you so very much Christine, Gary, and family! :)

Thank you so very much Lori (Keepholdingon), and family! :)

Thank you so very much Holly, and family! :)

Thank you so very much Judy (tipperspal), Danny, and family! :)

Thank you so very much Karen (kmhll447), Lou, Jenn, and family! :)

Thank you so very much Dezna and family! :)

Thank you so very much Mace (Mace1979) and family! :)

Thank you so very much Daryl (Vietnam2nd), and family! :)

Thank you so very much Audrey (MaxiS) and family! :)


Thank you Nancy (bluebutterfly55), so very much! :) our lovely friend Nancy made a very special happy birthday picture for me. :)

MR. COOL HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNFLOWER!!! :) oh my! :) We had a very special guest today! :) That cute little rascal Mr. Cool Sunflower! :) Hey sunflower! :) how are you man? :) "man Chris, Happy birthday!!!" :) awww! :) Thank you Sunflower! :) It's so very nice to see you on my very special day, my birthday. :) "man Chris, i'm so very happy and excited to be here man! celebrating you, your very special day, your birthday!" :) awww! :) That's awesome sunflower! :) "i'm ready for the birthday party man!!!" :) hehe! :) Sunflower, that is cool! :) i am having so much fun, and having the time of my life, celebrating my birthday with everyone :) So Sunflower, i was wondering, since it's my birthday, can i get a little happy birthday flow?" :) "man Chris, you know it! it's time for Mr. Cool Sunflower to take the mic" :) *Mr. Cool Sunflower goes up in front of everyone" :) "Hey everyone, welcome to Chris's birthday party! we ready to get this party rocking and rolling. :) i got a sweet happy birthday jingle for my friend Chris" "yo yo, it's Mr. Cool Sunflower got the mic, it's sweet march, day 22,  we here for a very special day, celebrating you! Chris, it's your birthday, day full of surprises beginning when the sun rises! oh my! and this is your happy birthday jingle, Mr. Cool Sunflower rocking the mic since i was young and got my first tike bike! oh my! and this how we rock and roll, birthday time is here, lots of cheer, it's a time to celebrate! surrounded by family, friends, and enjoying a sweet piece of cake! oh my! It's the birthday jingle! :) when you blow out the candles be sure to make a wish for you, happy birthday Chris, may all of your wishes come true!" :) awww! :) That was AWESOME!!! :) SUPER MEGA SWEET AWESOME!!! :) Thank you Mr. Cool Sunflower for the happy birthday song! :) "awww, you're very welcome Chris!" :) "So Chris man, how about cutting me a slice of that cake man! i'm hungry, and i want some birthday cake!" :) "man Sunflower, you got it!" :) "Happy birthday Chris!" :) awww! :) Thank you Mr. Cool Sunflower for coming to my birthday party! :)

my classic digital cameras. :) this is a picture of my first 3 digital cameras. :) these cameras and i have been on many adventures. :) from left to right, that's my 2007 camera, in the middle, is my 2008 camera, and on the right, my 2009 camera. :) the 2008, and 2009 cameras still work. :) i use them still, and plus with my new 2010 camera, i have 3 working cameras. :) i'm so very happy! :)



glad you had a wonderful are so special to many people across the world

so glad you had a wonderful birthday and what lovely gifts you received. the camera is awesome and all the other birthday gifts are so nice. your going to really enjoy the movies. what a special man you are chris. we all love you and you deserve it all. especially on your birthday. rest and enjoy. the pictures are great and so clear. hugs and love your ds grandma

I could feel your wonderful excitement and happiness within! What a party you had! From sunrise to midnight! I\'m so happy you bowled with your dad :) You two made a great team bowling. I loved the high fives you gave your dad!! The new digital camera sounds awesome!! I know you\'ll get use to the new features soon. You and your family know how to paaaaaaaaarty!! I\'m so glad your pictures turned out alright, when you went to Yahoo. You\'re so very smart to think of that. Boy, I\'ll need to call you, so you can help me with my digital camera ;) You received such wonderful gifts! I know you\'ll have many dvd nights, plus with all the goody snacks! I think it\'s a good idea of your moms, to unwind tomorrow, and go to the post office on Friday. That way, you can relax and unwind. I love black olives on my pizza too! I\'m so happy for you Chris! You had a wonderful birthday with many of your friends calling, texting, emailing, etc... You deserved the very best!! I hope you\'ll be able to sleep tonight. Get plenty of rest. Know I love you bunches and bunches!! xoxoxox

Oh Chris that was a very special birthday celebration and added to the party, the wonderful family memory of the bowling contest. Special memories! You got so many wonderful gifts, how loved you must feel by family and friends. Four cakes, balloons, flowers, snacks, pizza. That was a wonderful party. I love your new camera! I bet you have\'nt totally come down to earth yet, and still floating up on the Happy Birthday clouds. So special, you and your dad getting to bowl together. Well, try to relax and rest some tonight. Such a wonderful celebration. Love you mucher and mucher!

Hi Chris, I enjoyed reading your Happy Birthday Journal and seeing all of your wonderful photos and gifts. You sure received lots of GREAT presents. Your flowers are such a lovely color too, I sure hope my friend MR COOL SUNFLOWER enjoyed his iced coffee and cake. I smiled when I saw him! I hope you enjoy ALL of your NEW dvd\'s and SNACKS this evening. Sunny Hugs-Stephanie

My goodness - look at all of the love that is pouring out at you Chris. What a lovely birthday you had - but just one question. Do you think you had enough cake? My gosh - I\'ve never seen one man get so many cakes! You have made many friends - because you are such a good friend. I\'m so happy that you know you are loved so much by so many. You can now snuggle down, get your snacks, one of your new DVD\'s and have a ball. Again - Happy, Happy Birthday to you my very dear friend. Millie says Happy Birthday too :)

Hi sweet Chris! Aww I\'m so happy you had a great birthday :) I loved the pictures of you birhtday and all the gifts you got, the dvds look awesome! I wish I could of sent you something, next year I will :) I just need your address info. Big big hugs to you! Love ya!! Hugs xxx

Hi my sweet Chris! I\'m so happy you had the best birthday ever, you deserve it! Enjoy all of your wonderful gifts! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures and the special thankyous....... I know your day was everything you dreamed of and more! Love you bunches and bunches!!!

Awww Chris i couldnt be happier for you. It warms my heart SO that you had such a great birthday!! I just LOVE how you got spoiled SO! Cuz you really did & you truly deserve it. I sent your birthday package on it suly has to come tomorrow.
Love you bunches & bunches my wonderful gardening & nature loving friend =o)

Dearest Chris... See how much better it is when you KNOW you have all week to take pictures and post them??? I LOVE having a BIRTHDAY WEEK especially because I live so far away from my family and friends... I think it takes the pressure off of them as well!

You totally SCORED!!! which you totally deserve Chris! You are a good friend! You send cards without real solid reasons that just brighten our days! Now I know you are also there by phone and you understand my cell phone is unreliable at best living on the edge of the Verizon network as I do... You are always here on weekends when many are too buzy to spend much time. I especially love Baking Friday as that is a journal I KNOW I get to read late in the evening when most others are too involved with family/kidz/other obligations. YOU my friend seem more available to others like me... I have a very solitary existence here in Goddess Country... You are HERE for me when nobody else is available because their lives are too full with kidz and husbands and other folks... YOU always have time for me!

Love to you and Mom and Dad and Kayla!!! My Mom was THRILLED that Kayla loves the butterflies!! That meant so much to her tonight! We had a long talk, and I\'m looking forward to sending her pictures of Baking Friday! I also pull the one picture today you posted which I will send through my sistour... I wish I could talk my Mom into getting a computer running at her house! She could easily use Charlie\'s computer! Time... I hope soon there has been enough TIME... xoxoxo Cj

once again chris, i am so glad you had such a great birthday. enjoy allof your new goodies and treasures. you deserve them!!!

So glad that you enjoyed your day. It sounds so exciting. I love your new camera and am jealous!!! I need a new camera badly.

Can\'t wait to start gardening. We are going to be doing some digging this weekend if the weatherman has the right forecast!! I can\'t wait to get into the dirt!!! It is time to be planting some lettuce and onions for an early spring crop. I am so excited.

Got to run. Have a great day my friend. Hugs and more hugs -- John and Debbie

Wow wow wow! What a fantastic birthday!!! Thanks for sharing this with us all :) I am so happy, to see you smiling, and enjoying the day. Which kitty is that in the background with the black and white, looking at you and the balloons? That looks like my Ominous LOL. The new digital cameras are awesome :) I\'m so looking forward to the gardening season! Love you, bunches and bunches! your friend, Carolyn xxoo

I\'m so happy you had such a wonderful birthday! Your new camera is awesome, love it! :) Your birthday package should come any day now..:)
Enjoy all your new gifts and treasures.You deserve everything! Lots of Love, Maria

Wow! I am so glad you had a terrific birthday chris. i love all the gifts you received. Your new digital camera looks awesome :) I loved reading about the wii bowling party you had. Awesome. Luv and huge hugs x