The benefits that Instagram can bring to your online marketing strategy

Increase traffic to your website

Instagram is a platform where visibility is relatively easy, so redirecting this visibility to your website seems the most logical. It's about getting the visits your Instagram profile receives to your website, your blog, your online store or wherever you want. This can be done in several ways: adding the URL of your website in the biography of your Instagram profile, adding a watermark with the URL in the photos, adding it to the photo's location, hanging photos of the last posts of the blog, the latest products launched, reviews of your clients. You can also increase traffic on your website by more followers & likes. If you want advance traffic instantly, you need to buy Instagram likes & followers from online.


Increase in engagement

In this Fortune 500 study, it can be seen that Instagram is the social network with the most engagement in most sectors. This means that the level of interaction of users with the brand and its contents is the highest compared to other networks, even more than Facebook. Instagram is a 24x7 platform, users are continually looking for new content, on weekdays and on weekends, at any time of the day; is an application that greatly facilitates the interaction of users with content by its format and presentation.

The hashtags are the best weapon for increased engagement. Not only do you have to use them, but you must choose the ones that are more successful and are more related to your brand.

Humanize your brand

Instagram is a good way to show that your brand has a human component and that consumers know the people behind it and makes it possible, that they are not robots. It is about consumers discovering your brand and your products from all perspectives, even behind the scenes. This will contribute to give life to your product or company, will benefit the heart of your brand and will help bring it closer to your consumer or user.

You can humanize your brand, for example, through content related to what a day is like in your company, presenting the workers, teaching how your products are made ... but also interacting with your followers.

Know and reach your audience

Instagram is a social network of direct contact with your audience, interacting with it will allow you to find out information and be able to think of new ways to approach it effectively. And not only that, but you can inspire your followers about areas related to your performance and your sector.

Reach new audiences

Instagram is a social discovery platform: users search for new content from other users that they do not have to be directly connected to. In Instagram, you not only follow the people and brands that you know, but you are looking for new content with which to connect. The application makes it really easy for users to discover new photos, new accounts and, of course, new brands.

Feed the rest of your marketing channels

Each social network requires content specifically designed and prepared for it, but you can also use the networks you already have in use for the benefit of the new one: Instagram. And vice versa, you can take advantage of sharing the content that you post on Instagram in the rest of the networks: the application has a functionality that allows you to share the content automatically with other platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. This allows you to amortize the content you create, give it a longer life and reach users of other social networks equally.

Generate sales at a low cost

Instagram is, for its ease to create and disseminate high-quality images, a great way to promote your products and boost your services. But the best is not that, but it is quite cheap. It is a creative way for your potential buyers to access your products and consume your content. You can access good images in free banks, edit them easily with free applications and publish them on your channel. No need to hire great photographers or rely on designers to have a good profile that attracts your consumers.

Employer branding

Do not forget that a company not only seeks to attract customers and consumers, it also needs to attract the best talent to form its teams and continue to generate quality products. Instagram is the ideal showcase to show your company culture so that your potential candidates know more closely how is the process of creating your product, how are the employees who think and build, and what values your company has.