The Benefits of Parental Control

Now-a-days the Internet has become an inherent part of our family. The Internet has become easily accessible for teenagers and children. The Internet has also become a highly dangerous tool because of the increase in the number of hackers and attackers, and sophisticated and dangerous attacks. In the case of kids, they are constantly exposed to various Internet threats such as cyberbullying, malicious content, social media scams, and more.Most antivirus solutions now come with an integral feature named Parental Control. In todays technological era, where every newly found tool gets replaced by a newer one within minutes, Parental Control has become an essential requirement for their kids.Parental Control has become a needed criterion in order to become the best antivirus for security solution providers as well. Using the Parental Control feature is very easy, and its features and benefits have been discussed below. Internet Scheduler:In the house wherein both parents are working, this is the single most important benefit to be derived from Parental Control. It allows parents to set a specific time of the day and duration for their children to access the Internet. The child can then use the Internet in that time slot only. It also prevents the kid from getting addicted to the Internet. Website Blocking:It allows parents to block certain unwanted sites which they feel are inappropriate for their kids. For instance, this can include websites like and all the sub-domains under it. By blocking a particular website, parents can provide a secure - - shield to their kids.Category Blocking:In many cases, even parents are not fully aware of dangerous websites. Handling such websites by blocking entire categories is thus helpful. Under parental control you can directly block complete categories of websites. For instance, if you block access to the Adult category, then all websites with adult content will be blocked.These categories are usually classified as adult, gaming, social networking, child abuse, downloads and many more. This feature also gives you the option to create an exclusion list of websites that fall within blocked categories. For instance, if you have blocked the category of Social Networking but you want to allow access to Facebook, then you can simply add the Facebook URL to an exclusion list and it will be allowed. Blocking Category with Malware Content:This feature greatly reduces the risk of all sorts of malware attacks. It blocks attacks starting from email attachments to websites which contain hidden malware. Children usually cannot spot such types of hidden threats. By using the parental control feature, adults can deny their kids access to spam sites, hacking or illegal sites and more. The feature also helps users in cutting down the risk of online threats.Blocking all or Specific Users:Parental Control also allows parents to set the number of users for systems. This allows them to keep watch over the Internet activity of multiple users on the same system. They can decide different settings for different users as well. What this means is that parents can also put more restrictions on younger kids vis--vis older ones.The best Internet security comes with improved Parental Control features, which provide extensive protection to kids and teenagers from online dangers. To conclude, having the best Internet security is essential for maintaining a high level of protection for all your digital assets.Author's Bio:Pratiksha has a keen interest in information technology and computer security. And this is what drives her to compose articles that anyone may relate to and benefit from.