The Bad Omens Are Said To Burn Up With The Devil.

10 strange and slightly scary Christmas traditions around the world | Fox News
A white sheet drapes from the back of the horse's head and covers the person holding the skull. 2.&nbspGuatemala: Burning devils Reuters In order to rid houses of bad spirits for the new year, Guatemalans do a full house clean in December. The dirt and dust is gathered from every home and each neighborhood creates a large pile. A devil statue is built and placed on top of the offending dirt, and burned. The bad omens are said to burn up with the devil. 3.&nbspSouth Africa: Don't eat Santa's cookies iStock To keep kids from nibbling this page about this link on Santa's cookies, parents tell children a story about a boy named Danny who ate all of Santa's cookies and really angered his magic spin mop review india grandmother. In her rage, she killed him-- and now their ghosts haunt houses during Christmas time. Heavy. 4.&nbspGreenland: Raw whale and stuffed seal iStock Greenland has a few unusual holiday menu items. Mattak is raw whale skin served with a side of blubber. Another Christmas treat is kiviak: Auk birds stuffed into a seal skin, left to ferment for half a year. While tese foods may be northern delicacies, we're going to stick with the turkey. 5.&nbspSweden: Burning Goat iStock Every year, villagers in the small Swedish town of Gavle build a 40-foot straw goat as part of a yule time tradition. But, pretty much every year since the tradition began in 1966, locals have succeeded in destroying it, either by burning it down, hitting it by cars, or almost stealing it with a helicopter. 6.&nbspNorway: Hide your brooms iStock Norwegians must put away their brooms on Christmas Eve.

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